• Is Satoshi Nakamoto’s Identity Still a Secret?

    Is Satoshi Nakamoto’s Identity Still a Secret?0

    There’s nothing more bizarre in a world of constant surveillance than a person with no identity. It’s the modern freak show, and has become something of a niche performance art as a consequence. Banksy, for example, has remained the archetypical anonymous artist for some time, while electro double act, Daft Punk, made $60m wearing robot

  • 5 Factors to Consider Before You Invest in Crowdfunding

    5 Factors to Consider Before You Invest in Crowdfunding0

    Investment opportunities for the individual have grown substantially over the past several decades. While real estate investing and buying precious metals, such as gold and silver, are popular, there are a number of newer investment opportunities as well, and one that is growing in popularity is crowdfunding. This type of investment opportunity, where a large

  • Bitcoin And The Blockchain Explained

    Bitcoin And The Blockchain Explained0

    Twenty five years ago if you wanted to send someone information from far away you had to put that information in an envelope, and send it with a stamp to prove postage was paid. A few days later the envelope would arrive in the mail of the recipient and if you wanted a response, you


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