Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy: Relatively Interesting.com

Would you like to submit a guest post or become a regular contributor to Relatively Interesting?  Please take a few moments to read through our editorial policy so you can get an idea of what we’re looking for.  Compliance with our editorial policy will improve the chance of your idea or article being accepted.

Suggested Themes and Tone:

Content should be related to science, skepticism, critical thinking, morality/religion, rationality, reason, philosophy, nerd/geek humor, interesting stats, futurism, maps, science fiction, reviews of movies/games/books/shows. Keep in mind the skeptical tone of the blog – if you’re trying to prove a point, use legitimate evidence with sources to back up your claims.  Name calling, trolling, defamatory or libelous content will not be accepted.  Take at the look at our Navigation up at the top of the page to see the categories we cover.

We love to debate.  If you’re on the other side of the argument (say, you think that psychics are totally legit), then we still want your content – but know that your article is going to be read by the purveyors of science and skepticism… so a healthy debate may ensue!

Suggested Content:

Explaining/debunking pseudoscience in general, cryptozoology (Bigfoot, Loch Ness, etc), homeopathy, anti-vaccination, conspiracy theories (Moon Landing hoax, 9/11, etc), unproven medical treatments (snake oils), alternative medicine, myths, urban legends, rumors, UFOs, fraud, hoaxes, new age beliefs, religion, philosophy, evolution vs creationism, the scientific method, economics, history, how stuff works, humor, psychology, logic and logical fallacies, incredible stories, facts, images, infographics or videos from the sciences:  physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, geology, (to name a few), the paranormal or supernatural… anything that you and our readers might find, well, relatively interesting.

Tip:  Visit the “best of” section of the site so you can get a better sense of what our readers like.

Content Guidelines:

Your submission, article, or post:

  • Must be an original article that you wrote.  We’ll check to see if it’s a article that’s been written before using Copyscape.  Don’t spin an article that’s already been published.  If we publish your article and then find out it’s been plagiarized, we’ll take it down.
  • Must not be taken from the public domain (ie: don’t copy an article from Wikipedia).
  • If you are using other author’s content or data, it must be sourced/cited and you must have the appropriate license for use.
  • Must not be an advertisement, “selling a product”, or deemed as SPAM.  We do, however, accept sponsored posts.  In this case, the content and link will be mutually agreed upon.
  • Must have proper grammar and punctuation.
  • Must not contain any content that is a violation of any law, or be considered defamatory, hateful, libelous, or infringes on the legal rights of others.
  • Must be unique content to RelativelyInteresting.com
  • Should include a list of suggested categories/keywords.
  • Should be approximately 500 words in length.  Longer articles may be broken into “parts”.  Articles that are heavier on media can be shorter in length (for example, top-10 lists with images).
  • Should include images or diagrams to help convey your points.  These must also be sourced/cited.

Note that if the editorial policy and guidelines are not followed, your submission will probably not be accepted and published.  

We attempt to reply to all guest post inquiries, however, it may take longer for a reply during certain periods.  If your content blatantly ignores our editorial policy, then you probably won’t receive a response.  Be mindful that your email does not classify as spam, or we might not see your email.