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September 13, 2019 By alberto

Can you find the 6 hidden words in this picture?

Here's a wintery fun brain teaser/puzzle:  There are six hidden words in the picture below.  Try to find all of them.  How long did it take you?     BONUS:...

September 3, 2019 By alberto

The 3 Switches Puzzle (and solution)

Can you solve the "3 Switches" puzzle? You are in the basement of a house where there are are three identical on-off switches.  One of them controls a lamp in...

August 20, 2019 By alberto

The “Infinite Profit” Puzzle

Let's say I put $20 in a box. Now you do the same. The box now contains $40, and we're both aware of this fact. Now, I sell you the...

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September 18, 2019 By alberto

Toilet Paper: Over or Under? Let’s put an end to the debate.

Toilet paper.  How should it roll?  From the top or from the bottom?  People have argued to death about this for years (literally - in the USA alone last year, this debate has been attributed to at least 14 deaths....

September 16, 2019 By ashleigh

Dog Refuses To Give Birth, Vet Sees Ultrasound And Instantly Pulls Out Phone

How Could This Be? Facebook/Pibbles & More Animal Rescue, Inc - PMAR Her eyes widened as he counted... and kept...

September 15, 2019 By alberto

The Best Optical Illusions (so far…)

Back by popular demand (and because our web metrics indicate that our readers love these illusions), we have another 8...