• What lurks beneath:  the largest animals in the ocean

    What lurks beneath: the largest animals in the ocean3

    Knowing that the largest animals on the planet lie beneath the calm surface of the ocean is baffling. Some people refuse to swim in a murky pool based on mistrust of the unknown. So imagine what’s waiting for you at the bottom of the sea? This thought is enough to turn the hardiest old sea

  • How does hibernation work?

    How does hibernation work?0

    With autumn approaching, many animals in the northern hemisphere are stocking their fat reserves to make it through winter hibernation. Hibernation is a near suspension of body functions and metabolism, and is different to sleep.  It allows animals to save energy during times when food is scarce.  Different animals produce a hibernation-specific protein at certain times

  • The Evolution of Vertebrate Flight

    The Evolution of Vertebrate Flight0

    One of the defining characteristics of life is its adaptability. There is no environment on Earth, at least within the atmosphere, oceans, and crust, that life hasn’t colonized or otherwise made use of. Researchers have identified bacteria in rocks from hundreds of feet below the surface, and now believe that such bacteria—which may equal or


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