Ontario Insects, Arachnids, and Crustaceans – oh my!

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Each year, I travel and camp or cottage in “Northern” Ontario. This year was no different, and I thought I’d share some of the creatures I managed to photograph while on my adventure. I think these photos serve as a reminder that we need not look to aliens, ghosts, and monsters to find exquisitely creepy creatures – you only have to look by the water’s edge of a small lake…

It’s Dr. Zoidberg! No, it’s just a crayfish, located at Big Glamour Lake near Haliburton, Ontario. These freshwater crustaceans are all over the place, and their exoskeletons would wash up on the shore. Click on the image to see them in higher resolution.

the real dr. zoidberg crayfishcrayfish

Among the thousands of mosquitoes and deer flies that were attacking us, to our rescue came the dragonflies. These camera shy insects flew away before I could get a good macro shot, but this one turned out pretty well.

dragonfly macro

Not sure what this little guy is… The photo was taken on the back of a lawn chair.


Disgusting. Arachnid. Spider. Nuff’ said.

spider arachnid

I caught this little spider in the act of devouring a small fly. I watched for about 20 minutes while he ate. The shot doesn’t due it justice: the backside of this spider is a light green with little black/brown spots.

spider eating a fly

Finally, an ant enjoying the water’s edge of Big Glamour Lake.

ant on leaf

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