Beautiful examples of eyes in nature

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Brad Goodspeed, self proclaimed skeptic and blogger, caught our eye (pun intended?) with his post  “Eyes from around the animal kingdom“.

According to Brad, the inspiration for the post came from the realization that:

[the eyes are] the organ that seems to act as lightning rod in the debate between creationists and evolutionists. The eye is just such a magnificently useful apparatus, and creationists just can’t fathom how such utility came into being without the aid of design. All it takes is the tiniest bit of research to answer this question of course, but that never seems to matter.

Check out the images below to catch a glimpse of nature’s marvelous eyes.

Brad’s most famous work is his video “Scale“.  And if you’re wondering how such beautifully complex eyes could have evolved, then read the following article about the evolution of the eye.