Do Dogs have Episodic Memory: The Alaskan Malamute Waits for the Ice Cream Truck Every Day


Dogs are man’s best friend. They are loyal and faithful. But, do dogs display any memory?

This dog above remembers to wait for the ice cream truck every day.

Semantic Memory:   Associating Commands with Actions

Dogs can listen for commands and perform an action. They have a unique memory to associate a command with an action.  Imagining oneself in past events is an acknowledgment of your surroundings. Dogs have a unique sense of knowing danger or something good.

Do Dogs Have Episodic Memory?

Another type of memory with some animals is an episodic memory: imagining themselves in past events and planning on future outcomes. Dogs are incapable of doing this. However, the Alaskan Malumute is capable of remembering the ice cream truck and associates sounds and treats with the vehicle.

The dog hears the music.  In the hot summer, the dog meets the truck and sometimes receives a treat. Is the dog capable of memory with the same situation everyday?

A Dog’s Memory has been a Fascination in the Past

A dog’s memory is viewed in stories like Lassie Come Home.  In the book, Lassie Come Home, the dog remembered how to get home.  The senses of time and place must connect to a past event. Books have been written about a dog’s memory in avoiding reactions and situations: White Fang.


In looking at our favorite animal (dog),  the Alaskan Malamute has a unique sense of connection with the truck and the man. Dogs, in general, understand love and attention. They show off how adorable they are to get attention.

This Alaskan Malamute has a fluffy white tail and an enthusiasm for the ice-cream truck. Does this dog have any fear of danger? What kind of memory could notify dogs of danger? If the ice-cream had a dangerous element to it, the dog wouldn’t be as friendly.

Friendly with Treats

Dog’s are essentially faithful, loyal, and know a good thing when it arrives. In our society, dogs are always portrayed as being very intelligent. Think about some of the advertisements you have seen: advertisement. In the advertisement, the dog is waiting at the window for a dog-box to arrive. If there is a reward connected to an experience, most of the time a dog will remember. Therefore, the Alaskan Malamute is not only friendly but very intelligent and Man’s Best Friend.