Secret Magic Tricks Revealed

Secret Magic Tricks Revealed

October 11, 2019 By Laura

    How Famous Magic Tricks Work

    Magic is the alleged defiance of nature and science. The illusion of the impossible, seems possible in stage magic. Magicians for centuries have worked on the art of creating magic tricks whereby paranormal powers and phenomena, have said to be at work. These arts have been used for both entertainment and deceit.

    Rational Wiki notes that several of the best-known skeptical authors, including Martin Gardner, James Randi, and Penn & Teller are trained magicians, as is debunker Derren Brown. Skeptical magicians have been critical to exposing the bad behavior of alleged psychics and faith healers; Randi’s two biggest trophies are Uri Geller and Peter Popoff. Randi’s team has, at various times, convinced serious and well-regarded scientists that they are psychic or possess other paranormal powers, while simply using the tricks of a magician. These men, among others, believe that while scientists are generally logical folk, they do not necessarily understand the trickery used by magicians, and can therefore be still fooled by it.

    Let’s take a look at a few famous magic tricks and see how they work.