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March 26, 2019 By ashleigh

She Asked Rude Kids To Be Quiet During Movie, Mom’s Response Is Going Viral

Going To The Movies theepochtimes Few things are as comfortably exciting as seeing a film at the cinema, it’s a treat and there’s something to suit just about everyone, any...

March 26, 2019 By ashleigh

Woman Sees Dog Barking On Lawn, Then Realizes She’s Asking For Help

Unexpected Visitors People She was sipping her coffee when she suddenly an enormous black dog ran into her garden. It slowly raised its head, looked her straight in the eyes...

March 26, 2019 By ashleigh

Man Demands Woman Give Him Her Phone, Doesn’t Realize She’s A UFC Star

Standing In The Dark instagram/polyanaviana Her heart pounded as adrenaline surged through her body, but she wouldn't start shaking until much later. He asked her a question and she knew...

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March 8, 2019 By ellen

Recycling at its Finest

Trash Transformed Abbotsford News Recycling Symbol Recycling has become a standard in our society. However, Amarildo Silva Filho, 23, from Brazil, takes it a step further. Recycling is not just a word to Amarildo as he uses his talents to help others and...

February 21, 2019 By alberto

I miss Carl Sagan.

Carl Edward Sagan, an American astronomer and astrophysicist, was renowned for his writings that have helped to popularize modern-day science. ...

February 4, 2019 By ellen

Denver Democratic Bill Speaks to the Abuse of Animals

The Denver Democratic Bill is putting into place a law that prohibits people who commit acts of animal abuse to...