• We’re all cyborgs now

    We’re all cyborgs now0

    “We’re all cyborgs now.”  That’s a quote from Amber Case’s TED Talk she gave in 2010, and I think she’s more right now, in 2015, than ever before. Of course, she’ll only get ‘closer’ to correct as time goes on, but let’s see what things have changed or progressed since 2010. “We now rely on

  • Pokémon Go(lf)

    Pokémon Go(lf)0

    Stick and ball games have been around for about as long as humans have had free time. Knocking a rock with a stick has become about as natural and innate as running from a predator. Betting on the results of these contests came shortly after and celebrating a victory with a beverage didn’t take long

  • 3D Printers Transform Manufacturing and Distribution

    3D Printers Transform Manufacturing and Distribution0

    I recently saw an advertisement for the ThingMaker. This is basically a toymaker, but much more powerful than the erector set I had when I was a kid. The ThingMaker is a 3D printer that can scan objects or use digital plans to create toys. Super neat. Instead of having to go to local retail


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