Exposing the Nature of Reality: The Blocks Illusion

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Albert Einstein said,

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

He was certainly on to something.

How do we know if what we experience in the world is “true“? One person’s interpretation can be completely different than another’s.  Case in point – the block illusion below:

nature of reality blocks argument

How many blocks?


Depending on the way you look at something, you might see something completely different.

Quickly look at the image below – what do you see?

angels and demons illusion

Now look at it more closely – do you see something else?

If you focus your attention on the dark spaces, you’ll notice demons.  If you choose to focus on the white space, then you will see angels (authors note, I saw demons first and only noticed the angels after being told they were there).

The concept of “reality” is far too complicated to be dealt with in this article… but it’s important to consider that what you experience isn’t necessarily what is true.  Our minds are fallible and our perception is flawed.  It is only through a rigorous process like the scientific method can we uncover truth and the nature of reality.


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