25 Painfully True Facts About Life

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The facts of life are always in the gray area. As Alanis Morissette creatively observes in one of her iconic songs, life is just so ironic! It is painfully funny with its twists and turns. There are instances when you wish for people that you once had, or hope that things stay the same. These 25 scenarios pretty much sum up the facts of life.  A combination of clever observations and Murphy’s Law, these infographics are a sobering reminder that life is, indeed, out to get you. 

A Lighter Look At the Facts Of Life

One of the most infuriating facts of life is we usually fail to appreciate things. And when we suddenly feel the urge to have them, it is already too late.

banana ripeness chart

How come the battery of our laptop is not fully charged when we badly need it?

battery life of your labtop

Gone are the days that breaking news is truly breaking at all.

breaking news in the media

Sometimes, we need to suspend rational thinking just to appreciate the scenes in an action movie.

accuracy of villains in movies

People have this canny ability to scrimp on something when it is almost empty, such as the fact of life involving our toothpaste.

contents of a tube of toothpaste

Even with food, we unconsciously apply double standards. Steaks are carefully grilled to perfection while chicken is cooked either raw or dry.

cooking temperatures for grilled steak and chicken

We have too much pride from where we hail from. This explains the crowd’s enthusiasm when their city is announced on stage.

enthusiasm at concerts

Nowadays, advertising is the name of the game!

evolution of digital media

Facebook invites are not the best way to gauge if people are coming to your party.

how facebook invites work

For something that did not exist before, it is remarkable how man cannot imagine life now without internet.

how long a human can live

Better stick to your shopping list when you go to Ikea, or you’ll end up spending your full month’s salary.

ikea blueprint

Why is it so difficult to keep track of the bank’s operating hours when it is time to run your bank errands?

opening hours of banks

Life really gets so complicated as we get older…

pie to many decimal points

Too much love for Apple!

religious extremism apple

Stop playing Dr. Quack with the internet as your stethoscope!

self diagnosis on webmd

When your ice cream melts faster than usual, it is time to act seriously on global warming.

things that people care about melting

Surprisingly, a harmless piece of white bread is sometimes enough to guarantee your visit to the doctor.

the most dangerous foods

Nothing is more nerve-wracking than an empty roll of tissue paper!

toilet paper anxiety

Where there’s smoke, there’s a fire.

what smoke detectors warn you of

Don’t panic when you hear the word tired, keep calm and go to the salon.

when someone says you look tired

It happens to the best people.

when you discover typos in an email

You cannot always have your way no matter how skillfully you plan it.

your seat at the movies

The irony of passing a driving test.

your knowledge of traffic laws

Facts of life surrounding living in the ‘burbs.

your suburban neighborhood

You can never have too much WIFI when you are hooked on YouTube videos.

your wifi connection

All image sources:  http://kindofnormal.com/truthfacts  Check out their site.  It’s seriously awesome.

And last but not least, here’s how we pick the wrong line at the checkout: