It is impossible to pick the fastest line!

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We’ve all been there. You find yourself in the grocery store. Hopelessly, you try to find the fastest line for checkout. This can leave you feeling as frustrated as ever. Honestly, it’s enough to put a person of frequenting the store altogether!  But, what if we told you there is a science behind picking the fastest line. Believe it or not, there are actually ways that could help you to pick. Read on below to make your life a little easier.

Asses The True Fastest Line

There are a few things to take into consideration when assessing the fastest line:

  • The age of the people in front of you: yes, this is something you need to consider. Unfortunately, elderly people are a little slower when it comes to checking out. They may need a bit of assistance in terms of using their debit card or other things. So be conscious of this, or be patient with them.
  • The view of the teller: if the teller can’t see their line, stats have shown they are less likely to perform speedily. Therefore, if there is an obstruction in your teller’s line of sight, switch lanes.
  • The gender of the teller: although this may sound sexist, female tellers have shown to be faster. Therefore, if you can, try and find female teller to help you check out.
  • How loquacious the teller is: this is a simple one. If the teller is a particularly Chatty Cathy you can bank on the line taking long. Therefore look for a teller that exchanges as few pleasantries if possible. If there is no one else in the talkative teller’s line, then venture there.
  • What kinds of products are people toting: if people have the same item in their basket, this could mean a faster checkout time. When the cashier sees multiple items, they will know to swipe the one product x amount of times. This saves time on them having to pick up a new item, scan it and wait for the barcode to register.

View The Size OF The Trolley Ahead Of You

Did you know, a heavily laden trolley doesn’t necessarily mean a slower line? Actually, it is quite the opposite. Consider the time check out takes. Also, take into account the pleasantries exchanged between teller and customer. If the customer needs to greet more people, more time is being wasted on idle chit-chat. Furthermore, the more checkouts that go through mean the more fumbling for cards and punching in pins. All in all, a bigger trolley could actually mean the fastest line. If you’re willing to experiment, give it a try.