Charlie Chaplin time travelerA filmmaker by the name of George Clarke is claiming that an extra in Charlie Chaplin’s “The Circus” is talking on a cell phone. The film was released in the 1920s. Looking at the picture, and at the video (which has over 3 million views already), Clarke has come to the conclusion that the person must be a time traveler.

He’s screened it in front of about 100 people, and no one can give an explanation. “I want to try to get this out there, because right now the only conclusion is … a time traveler.” Clarke says in the video.

The time traveling woman in the film appears in a bonus scene included on the DVD release of “The Circus,” a 1928 silent film starring Charlie Chaplin. The footage itself is from 1923. The woman is shown outside Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood where the film premiered. She does appear to have something in her hand… but what is it?

For the sake of argument (sigh…), let’s assume it is a cell phone. How could she actually be using it? What about the network towers, satellites, and infrastructure required to operate a cell phone network? I guess those would have to have traveled with her through time.

The New York Daily News, suggests it could be a hearing aid. They were invented in 1920 and were widely manufactured by 1928. Who knows why she’s talking – maybe she’s testing it? Maybe she’s talking to someone else? As one commenter pointed out, maybe she’s just sticking a pencil behind her ear. Or maybe she’s scratching her head while talking to someone.

What a fitting time to invoke Occam’s Razor – the theory that says (in a nutshell) that the simplest solution is, more often than not, the correct solution. So is it a time traveling woman from the future, or a something much simpler? It is a massive leap to think that the woman is time traveling.

I’ll give Clarke the final word on this one though, as it’s a fitting quote for the conspiracy buffs out there… “I’m hearing from a lot of ex-government officials, men 70-odd years of age, who tell me about secret government operations.”

No doubt…

Oh, and here’s the video on YouTube.

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  1. The footage is not from 1923, but from 1928, when the Chaplin film was released, and the scene is the exterior of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre (not renamed as Mann’s Chinese Theatre until Mann purchased it in 1973). The name of Sid Grauman is clearly visible on the sign outside the premises.
    It is unlikely that this is a scene or an outtake from the film itself, or that the people in the footage are “extras”. More likely it is simply a street scene shot outside the theatre in order to record the event of the film’s opening, and the people passing by are just ordinary citizens going about their business.
    If this is a time traveller using a cell phone (to call home?) it’s from the days when cell phones were much bigger than the miniaturized devices we see today. So I guess time travel has already been invented – by an overweight, overdressed man/woman from the 1990s!

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