• Elon Musk’s Revolutionary Home Battery

    Elon Musk’s Revolutionary Home Battery2

    March 30, 2015: Elon Musk, billionaire entrepreneur and celebrity of western nerdom, sent out a teaser Tweet: “Major new Tesla product line — not a car — will be unveiled at our Hawthorne Design Studio on Thurs., 8 p.m., April 30.” So began a series of Twitter messages stamped with the sign #TeslaNewProductGuesses. Bloggers put

  • We’re all cyborgs now

    We’re all cyborgs now0

    “We’re all cyborgs now.”  That’s a quote from Amber Case’s TED Talk she gave in 2010, and I think she’s more right now, in 2015, than ever before. Of course, she’ll only get ‘closer’ to correct as time goes on, but let’s see what things have changed or progressed since 2010. “We now rely on

  • 7 Surprising Spaced-Out Spin-Offs

    7 Surprising Spaced-Out Spin-Offs0

    If you’re a science nerd, and I bet you are, you have probably at some point in your life begged your mom to buy you a packet of freeze-dried ice cream in a museum gift shop. “Oh my god,” thought young, idealistic you: “SPACE ICE CREAM? That’s like my two favorite things put together.” Until


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