7 Examples of Clever Package Designs

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Packaging isn’t just a technical discipline of developing product enclosures to protect them during distribution and sale. It’s also an art. It’s just we’re so used to the standard package designs that we tend not to notice all the hard work that went into creating them. This is a bit strange — since marketing departments know that people tend to judge a product by the package, they will often spend more on the packaging than on the product. Here are a few of our favourite clever packaging designs that go well beyond the usual.

Just Laid Eggs

just laid eggs funny package design

Springetts Brand Design Consultants wanted to create a product which would emphasise all the benefits of buying fresh-laid local eggs, and do it in a cheeky, fun way. They used playful graphics of hens in the middle of laying eggs to encourage consumer interaction and explore how eggs as a product satisfied consumer needs.

The idea was to help the buyer connect the idea of buying eggs on the shelf with the natural process of egg laying, and the result truly stands out on any supermarket shelf.

Anti-Smoking Cigarette Boxes        

anti-smoking boxes carton

This one isn’t very subtle… and it’s no surprise it never actually made it onto the shelves. But the design is effective enough: Kiev, Ukraine design agency Reynolds and Reyner wanted to create packaging which would deliver a clear message — smoking kills — without needing any words.

Anti-theft Lunch Bags          

anti-theft lunch bags

These zipper lock bags are designed to stop sticky-fingered co-workers or school-yard bullies from stealing your lunch. The green splotches printed on the sides make any freshly-prepared lunch appear spoiled, so the break-room thief goes somewhere else.

Smirnoff Caipiroska

smirnoff creative clever packaging

For the launch of the new flavour formulae of the Smirnoff Caipiroska drink, the designers at agency JWT came up with the idea of bottles which had the texture of berries, lemon, and passionfruit — combined with a diagonal perforation, so buyers could have the unique experience of peeling open a bottle which was made of fruit.


scanwood packaging

Denmark’s largest wooden kitchen utensil manufacturer, Scanwood sells their products all over the Middle East and Europe. They wanted to show that their products are made in an environmentally friendly way — and of course with all natural materials.

Cervecería Sagrada 

cervecerias agrada packaging

Mexico’s most famous beer might be Corona, but the country’s Cervecería Sagrada craft brewery captures the colourful history and spirit of the country on its label. The designer, José Guízar, took inspiration from Lucha Libre wrestlers, who fight with colourful masks and just-as-colourful personalities: back in the 1950s, Lucha Libre wrestlers were seen as folk heroes, starring not just in the ring but also in Mexican movies and comic books. The beer labels recreate the masks used by some of the most recognisable and famous ones.

Festina Watches

festina watches in water package

Many products like to make claims, but few demonstrate their abilities before you even take them out of the packaging. Festina Watches, on the other hand, are waterproof watches suspended in bags of distilled water at the point of sale. The packaging was designed by the Berlin agency Scholz & Friends, and it tells you plenty about the watch without using words.