• Is drinking wine really good for your heart?

    Is drinking wine really good for your heart?0

    Adrian Baranchuk, Queen’s University, Ontario; Bryce Alexander, Queen’s University, Ontario, and Sohaib Haseeb, Queen’s University, Ontario As the weekend approaches, people are opening wine bottles in bars and restaurants and homes around the world, ready to kick back and relax. This relationship with wine has a long history. The oldest known winery, dating back to

  • Beware of Bogus Dietary Supplements

    Beware of Bogus Dietary Supplements1

    Dietary supplements have been making headlines lately, and not in a good way. The issue of the healthfulness and safety of many commercial brand dietary supplements continues to crop up as study after study reveals disturbing truths about their contents. Recently the Harvard Health Blog published an article that fleshed out some of the latest

  • 6 Myths about Oral Health Debunked

    6 Myths about Oral Health Debunked0

    Consistent practice of oral hygiene is paramount to maintain your teeth and gum’s health. Aside from brushing and flossing, it’s also essential to have an appointment for dental check-ups to promote oral health care. However, there are many people who believe in dental myths that can lead to unhealthy practices and eventually damaging the teeth


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