• The problem with microbeads.

    The problem with microbeads.1

    Forget your garage or basement. Did you know that some of the most environmentally damaging products in your house are probably stored right in your own bathroom? Check your shower, vanity drawers and medicine cabinets for these environmentally unfriendly consumer products: Exfoliating face masks Toothpaste Facial cleansers Acne washes Hand soaps What do all of these common

  • 20 Mind Boggling Facts About Plastic

    20 Mind Boggling Facts About Plastic2

    Plastic is everywhere. In fact, you’re probably never more than a metre away from something made with the material. Super flexible, resilient and waterproof, plastic is in your phone, your keyboard, your bag, your mobile phone, your nearest wall sign, all the sockets in your home and your bathroom fittings etc., etc., etc. Essentially, it’s

  • The Environment, Distopias, and Energy:  What is Solarpunk?

    The Environment, Distopias, and Energy: What is Solarpunk?1

    Science-fiction often explores the relationships between humans and the technology they employ.  Cyberpunk works, such as the groundbreaking Neuromancer by William Gibson and Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, foresaw many of the changes that actually became reality with the growth of the Internet. Steampunk, by contrast, hearkens back to the 19th century and explores the


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