• Menstruation is Viewed as Unclean Within the Culture of India

    Menstruation is Viewed as Unclean Within the Culture of India0

    Menstruation is a natural occurrence from a woman’s body. However, when a young girl/woman is menstruating they are immediately stigmatized as unclean and unfit to do anything in certain cultures. Limitations on Daily Duties They cannot cook, go to school, or worship in Hindu temples. It is ingrained into the culture of India that menstruation

  • Parents Providing Opportunities For Success

    Parents Providing Opportunities For Success0

    The advantages a parent provides can sometimes be considered ‘”intensive parenting.” Success  Every parent wants their child to succeed and be given the advantages they weren’t necessarily provided. Parents are engaging in extra-curricular activities for their child and wanting them to have a better life. Parents spend a lot of money and time working on

  • Food For Fines is More Than Giving

    Food For Fines is More Than Giving0

    We are all connected in some way to each other. As a human being, if we are able to have empathy and give back to the community we spread hope to others. Serving the Community What opportunities are out there to serve the community? Turning a negative outcome into a positive action that benefits others