These 25 scenarios pretty much sum up the facts of life.  A combination of clever observations and Murphy’s Law, these infographics are sobering reminder that life is, indeed, out to get you. 

banana ripeness chart


battery life of your labtop


breaking news in the media


accuracy of villains in movies


contents of a tube of toothpaste


cooking temperatures for grilled steak and chicken


enthusiasm at concerts


evolution of digital media


how facebook invites work


how long a human can live


ikea blueprint


opening hours of banks


pie to many decimal points


religious extremism apple


self diagnosis on webmd


things that people care about melting


the most dangerous foods


toilet paper anxiety


what smoke detectors warn you of


when someone says you look tired


when you discover typos in an email


your seat at the movies


your knowledge of traffic laws


your suburban neighborhood


your wifi connection


All image sources:  Check out their site.  It’s seriously awesome.

And last but not least, here’s how we pick the wrong line at the checkout: