Woman Spots Odd Mark On Grandma’s Old Doorstop, Realizes It’s An Emile Hébert Original”

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Garage Sale

A young girl presented an antique item to an appraiser. She was at the Antiques Roadshow with a statue her family once had purchased from a garage sale, where she learned of its true value.

It was valued at a lot more than she had ever imagined.


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The statue has initially been used a doorstop at the teenager’s home, but when the Antiques Roadshow arrived at Kansas City in 2017, this young girl picked up the bronze statue doorstop, and off she went to the show for an evaluation.

She hoped there would be value to her statue.


www.youtube.com/Heart Warming Story

Her family had bought the item for a measly $15 years ago, but she always knew there was something more special about the item.

She told appraiser Ernest DuMouchelle: “My grandma got it in Florida when she was visiting relatives.”


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The girl went on to say that the statue was bought at a flea market or a garage sale because that’s where her grandmother had bought everything.

She went on to explain her grandmother’s reason for buying the statue.


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The girl said, “She got it because my sister Portia, my dad, and I all like Greek and Roman mythology, that’s pretty much the only reason she got it.”

She said they couldn’t find more information on the statue.


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Ernest explained to the girl that ‘Emile Hebert’ is actually ‘Pierre Emile Hebert,’ who in fact is a very well listed artist from a Neoclassic era.

Ernest went on to tell her that the statue dates back to 1867.


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The piece is bronze and has gold inlays which are very beautiful. The piece was, in fact, a gold medal winner.

Ernest recommended to the girl that her doorstop is put on a pedestal because of its worth, which he still had to reveal to her.


www.youtube.com/Heart Warming Story

Good thing this girl had it appraised because, otherwise, it may have one day ended up in another garage sale and sold for very little.

Ernest proceeded to tell the girl that the item was worth at least $4,000 to $6,000!