Homeless Man Saves Young Lady Stranded on Highway With His Last $20

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A man with good intentions and great love for humanity took his last dollars to help somebody in need.
The homeless man noticed a woman in need and although he could barely help himself, he managed to help her.



27-year-old Kate McClure was traveling down the I95 towards Philadelphia when she ran out of gas.
She was forced to stop the car on the side of the road, and then she approached Johnny Bobbitt Jr, a homeless man, for help.



Johnny told her to get back to her car and lock herself in for her own safety. He then proceeded to walk to the gas station a few blocks away to get fuel for her.
It turned out that Kate had no money to buy any fuel, but she promised she would return to pay him back. Did she?



Johnny spent his last $20 on the fuel for Kate’s car so that she could continue her journey safely.
It wasn’t long before she returned with her husband to see her guardian angel, Johnny, bearing gifts. What gifts?



Kate returned with food, money, supplies and even a gift card for Johnny. She bought him cereal bars and he even offered her one.
See, the interesting story about the sweet guy Johnny would soon be revealed to Kate. She always managed to stop to see him when she passed by.



He had been homeless for about a year, he was a paramedic that had come to Philadelphia for a new job which fell through.
His savings started to deplete and unfortunately, before he knew it he was on the street. What would Kate do with her knowledge?



Kate started a GoFundMe page on Bobbitt’s behalf, with a goal of $10,000 to get him back on his feet. Within the first few hours, the fund had over $1000.
What happened over the next 12 days shocked the world.



Johnny’s GoFundMe page got so much attention, that Johnny actually had to ask for Kate to close it down.
Funds were pouring in for Bobbitt’s cause. Over the first 12 day period, the fund had received in excess of $300,000. A ridiculous amount of money for a great cause.