Mom Forces Flight To Disembark After Ignoring Rule


The Woman

They couldn’t believe it, what a waste of everyone’s time. They had all boarded the flight and were now just expected to get off all because of one woman?

This was unjust, everyone was booing collectively at her but she didn’t care.


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A TikTok user posted a video of a woman on a flight refusing to turn her phone onto Airplane Mode. You wouldn’t think it would be a big deal but she stuck to her guns while the Stewardesses had to abide by the policies.

This would end in a stand off that would inconvenience hundreds of people and have them all against the lone woman.

Off The Plane

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The police had been called and two officers boarded the plane. The passengers applauded the officers prematurely. They said that everyone had to get off.

No one could believe it. They all had to stand at the terminal while they escorted the woman away. We’d like to say she learned her lesson, but with her attitude she’d probably do it again.