Airman's Mom Leaves Stranger A Note On McDonald's Receipt

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An interesting gesture by a mother to another woman’s son would become the most heartwarming story to circulate on social media.
It was a simple favor, at Mcdonald’s on a Sunday morning drive-thru, and was such a sweet surprise.


Heidi Goforth was buying her son breakfast in Tennessee when a cashier told her the news.
The meal she was buying her son was already paid for when Heidi got to the window to pay. By who and why?


The meal had already been paid for and there was a note written on the cashier receipt.
The person ahead of her in the queue must have paid for her son’s breakfast. But for what reason? Would the note reveal more?

Air Force

On the receipt, the stranger had written a note for the mother saying “My son is in the Air Force. I can’t buy his breakfast, so I bought yours. Have a blessed day.”
Goforth wanted to thank the woman. But there was no name on the receipt.


Heidi went to social media and wrote a thank-you to the anonymous lady.
The story was shared so many times that it made its way to the woman who initiated the kind gesture. What did Heidi have to say?

Social Media

Hedi wrote, “I pray that you see your son soon!” Goforth wrote on Facebook. “He’s lucky to have a mom that loves him so much!”
“God bless you and him! Tell him to thank him for his service.” Who was the anonymous woman?


Caryn Scherm Hill came forth and claimed to be the writer of the note. She said: “It was my pleasure, kindness can create such a wave of emotion.”
“How extra special that you were getting breakfast for your son!”


It was so special that one mom decided to share with a complete stranger during a moment of love for her own son.
Random acts of kindness can make people all around us so happy. Many people got involved and commented on the sweet post.