Woman Finds 3 Papers Hidden In Dad’s Bag Years After He Passed, Is Floored When She Reads Them

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Mike Parney’s life was cut short when a teenage girl who was using her phone at the time of the accident ran a red robot and smashed into his car.

He had two children who went on to launch a campaign against ‘driving while distracted’ with an incredible story. What the children find years later has them floored.



Mike’s daughter, Laura, thought the best way to honor her father’s memory would be to launch a campaign to save others.

However, when David, the brother, was moving house he found something that belonged to his father. What was it?



Hiding in a leather pouch, in a jacket pocket that belonged to his father, was a note. Once David opened it up, it was obvious what it was.

Laura and David were floored by their discovery.

Bucket List


The document was titled ‘Things I would like to do in my lifetime.’ There were 60 items on the bucket list, which only had 5 things ticked off and completed.

What would the two do with their discovery?



It turns out that their father had written the list in 1978, around the same time Laura was born.

To Laura and David, it didn’t feel right to leave the list uncompleted. What would their mission be?



David and Laura had an idea. They would take it upon themselves to complete the list for him, documenting it on a blog and further raising awareness of driving while distracted.

The two had already completed 13 more things on the list. What was still in store?



The list still contained a range of activities for them, such as communicating with the Pope and talking with the president.

Laura ran the LA marathon because it was one of the easier things on the list to do, and slowly but surely things were being ticked off the list.



The entire journey has been very emotional for David and Laura, given that they wished their father could have managed to complete the list himself.

However, it raised awareness for their cause and would hopefully inspire others to make the right choice in the future.