Rude Woman Blocks Man Who Lost Keys, Tow Truck Lends A Hand


Walking Away

She walked away, leaving her car behind in the parking spot after giving him a piece of her mind. Now what would he do, did she really think he wouldn’t do anything after she treated him like that?

After 20 minutes in the store, she walked back out to find out what happens when you treat people like garbage and then leave them unattended with your car.

The Heat

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Sweat had accumulated on Travis Smith’s brow as he put his car in park and took the keys out of the ignition. He had arrived at Home Depot for some needed PPE equipment.

His air conditioning had been on the frits and had stopped working, so his patience was already tried at this point. He didn’t know that his temper would be tested soon enough.

Bad Feeling

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Travis parked his car a generous amount of space away from anyone else. He was practicing social distancing of course. Wouldn’t anyone else do the same?

Travis glanced down at the list of supplies he needed to pick up. After lockdown started due to COVID-19 he hadn’t gone out. This would be the first time in a long while. What he didn’t expect was that he’d have to be vigilant even before he set foot outside his vehicle.


The Sun

Travis was anxious about going into the store with all the other people around. How would he maintain a proper distance from everyone when there were so many people? He just hoped they were all wearing masks like they were supposed to.

He hurried through the aisles and found what he went there for before rushing to the counter to pay for his goods. He wanted to get out as soon as he could. He had no idea what mistake he had made by being in such a rush.

Where Could They Be?


Travis was feeling pretty happy with his accomplishment. It wasn’t a big deal but after being cooped up inside his house for so long, it felt so good to get out of the house. He still hadn’t realized what he had done.

Then he felt a knot twist in his stomach. He started pawing at his pockets as sweat dripped down his flush face. Travis couldn’t find his keys.

Worst Possible Scenario

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Where were they? were they in the store? Would he have to go back into the fray to look for his keys? The then realized where they might be, he just wished he was wrong.

He didn’t have time for this. After getting away from the store and the people inside he really didn’t want to go back. As he got back to his car in the parking lot, he saw where they were.

On The Dashboard

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He saw on the dashboard were his keys. He had completely forgotten about them when he was checking his list of things to pick up and had left them behind. Now the doors had automatically locked, sealing them inside.

At least he still had a phone, but as he called for help a van came barreling around the corner right towards him. He had to physically press against the hood of his car to avoid the van.

Close One

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Travis was bewildered. The driver didn’t even seem to care as they stopped only inches away from his kneecaps. It was a close one, Travis could have lost his legs.

The woman behind the wheel of the van looked at him angrily. “It was as if hitting me would have inconvenienced her plans for the day,” he said. The parking was almost empty yet the woman had to go right by him didn’t she.


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The woman didn’t want any other spot, it’s as if the spot right by Travis was special. She sat in the car with a look on her face that could strip paint from a car. After five minutes of seething, she opened the door and muttered as she walked towards the store.

Travis was baking in the sun as he found the right number to call. But Travis was quite angry now, what was her problem?

Turn The Heat Up

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The woman had given him a murderous look as she walked away. It got to him, how dare she. Travis didn’t have time for her now too.

His mere presence had seemed to set her off. Now that Travis was in a mood too he had an idea that would really turn the heat up.

Sweet Revenge

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Travis had managed to get through to his insurance company, and they sent out a tow truck to help. When he saw the mechanic pull into the parking lot, he waved him over.

But rather than simply flag the truck down behind his car so he could get his door open, Travis felt compelled to get a little revenge on the woman who ruined his day.

Guiding Hand

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As the truck approached, Travis stepped out into the opposite row of spaces and asked the driver to stop right behind the woman, blocking her in.

When the mechanic got out of the cab, Travis confessed what he was up to, by which point he couldn’t be bothered to move the truck again. Travis couldn’t wait for her to come back out from the store to see her reaction.

Kind Stranger

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After Travis explained everything that had happened to him – from his nerves about going into the store to the woman nearly hitting him and blasting his legs with engine heat – the mechanic took pity on him.

So while the guy got his tools ready, he offered Travis a front-row seat to the woman’s reaction to not being able to leave the parking lot from the comfort of his air-conditioned cab.

Big Moment

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Twenty minutes later, the woman emerged from the store. And when she saw the predicament she was in, she dropped her shopping bags before she even reached her car.

You could almost see the fumes rising from her crimson forehead. Then she spotted Travis sitting in the cab, who at least had the courtesy to hide his grin with his hand.


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Unable to get to her trunk to load her shopping bags, the woman threw her stuff into the backseat, got in herself, and slammed the door.

“She was lividly muttering to herself,” said Travis, smugly. All the while, the truck driver was getting a kick out of the scene while focusing on getting the door open. He even decided to join in a little.

Helping Hand

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To help Travis get his own back, the truck driver took an extra few minutes to get the door open to make sure “he does it right.” Travis and the mechanic exchanged glances and smiled as the woman slammed her hands down on the steering wheel.

If only Travis could hear what she was muttering to herself. What was she going to do next?

No Patience

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The job took a good ten minutes longer than necessary, and all the while the woman ranted and raved in her car, unable to go anywhere.

To thank the mechanic for what he considered going above and beyond the call of duty, Travis tipped him a few extra bucks for helping him get his own back. But he still wasn’t finished brightening Travis’ day.

First Out


The tow truck driver decided to do Travis another solid and stayed put to let him pull out of the parking lot before the rude woman. Travis slowly backed his vehicle out as the truck driver waved him off, and he was sure to wave at the furious woman as he left as well.

But did Travis really have to go this far? Some people certainly didn’t think so.

Petty Revenge

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“I am not sure I understand what she did wrong?” one Reddit commenter countered. “Honestly, I’m still not really sure why she couldn’t park there? Is it that it would’ve been easier for the tow truck guy to park there to service you?

“In which case, why didn’t you just tell her?” Meanwhile, others relished Travis’ petty revenge.


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“Tow truck drivers probably get yelled at during work more than most professions. It probably made his day to finally ‘win’ one for someone,” said one commenter on Reddit.

“Honestly, I hate that so much!” said another. “I specifically park at the end of parking lots because of my anxiety disorder, having a terrible depth perception when parking and just not liking to be around people. But every time, someone will park directly next to me despite the 20 or so other spots around! Why do you feel the need to do this?” How would you have handled the situation?