She’s About To Marry Her Air Force Groom When She Gets Some Unexpected News

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Nothing To Lose

Sumer Myer’s life was turned upside down just mere days before her wedding day.

When it seemed like nothing could fix what had been broken, huge gestures were made to insure she would have the happy day she deserved.

Wedding Plans

Weddings are meant to be a joyous occasion, filled with smiles and laughter.

But when Sumer lost her step-mother just days before her wedding, it seemed as though nothing could bring her happiness back to enjoy her wedding day.

Too Much To Bear

Sumers was about to say “I do” to the love of her life, Staff Sergeant Christopher John Masters of the United States Air Force.

The death of her step-mother was also followed by the death of her stepfather and stepbrother who had also recently unexpectedly passed away.

Grand Gesture

There couldn’t possibly be a worse time to get married. Before the wedding was canceled due to the traumatic experiences, somebody stepped in to make a difference.

But what would the grand gesture be?


Myers told Fox 5 Las Vegas “I just came back in yesterday from her funeral so to have the wedding today is just a lot to take in, in one week.”

A close friend of hers had got hold of Fox 5’s Surprise Squad. What they had in store for her would surely turn the situation right around.

Special Wedding

The Surprise Squad picked up Sumers the morning of her wedding in a limousine. They took her to get her hair and make-up done professionally.

If that wasn’t enough, the wedding was about to become even more special.

Major Factors

Sumer Myer’s wedding was about to become her dream wedding. She arrived at a different location, the home of Mr. Las Vegas, with the bridal party.

She was told to relax and enjoy the day. But there were two major factors missing.

Sumer Love

The groom and guests were at a nearby park when they were notified by the Surprise Squad that the location had changed and that all necessary arrangements had been made.

Myers said, “I love how everything turned out and I think those of us who weren’t able to be with us today were here with us in spirit, don’t ever give up on your big day.”