Meghan Markle’s Ex-Assistant Blurts Out Why Everyone Keeps Quitting On Her

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You might think that being a part of the Royal Family is a blessing and a dream come true. After all, what could be bad about being part of one of — if not the most — influential families in the world? While this may be true for working for other members of the Royal family, it’s no secret that Meghan Markle has cycled through five assistants since 2018.

While many members of staff consider themselves lucky to be part of the Royal Family’s entourage, this isn’t always the case when it comes to the Duchess of Sussex. But insiders have come forward with an explanation as to why Meghan goes through so many assistants.

Cushy Job


Most staff members who work for the Royals think they have a wonderful job. They love working for the family, however, that doesn’t apply to all of them.

Meghan has been in the public eye since her time in Hollywood, however, there has been even more attention on her since becoming a member of the royal family. She has run through many assistants already and some of them have decided to break their silence as to why they all quit.

Grand Entrance


Prince Harry had always been known as the royal bachelor of the Royal family and many wondered if he would ever find someone to settle down with. And then, Harry met Meghan. While many different people have joined the Royal Family, few have caused such a stir.

It was the Hollywood romance that people like you and I could only dream of, but was it all too good to be true?



Meghan had already captured the hearts of fans all over the world during her time in the political drama TV series Suits. But that wasn’t all that set Meghan apart from the rest of the Royal family — Meghan had already been married and divorced. There was a lot of concern about Meghan being able to cope with her new lifestyle.

Then, in a lavish wedding ceremony in 2018, the couple made it official. But it wasn’t long before another chapter in Meghan’s life launched her into the spotlight once more. And whisperings from staff about her unreasonable demands began to circulate.



Although the members of the Royal Family try to lead secretive lives, there are many rumors that still make their way to the public. Apparently, the tales about what happens inside the walls of the palace are too wild for staff to keep to themselves.

On top of everything, Meghan was pregnant at the time. And as assistant after assistant left the palace, it was becoming common knowledge that Meghan was an extremely demanding boss. Many palace insiders have come forward since. And while many people brushed the rumors off, one personal assistant was about to verify everything — and more.

A Step Too Far


Now that Meghan had become a part of the Royal Family, she still had a lot to learn. Melissa Toubati, a highly experienced personal assistant, took her place by Meghan’s side. But Melissa was no stranger to meeting the high demands requested by her clients — she had previously worked with Hollywood A-listers such as Robbie Williams.

But, unfortunately, nothing seemed to make Meghan happy. Melissa had been working alongside the Duchess for just six months, then she handed in her resignation. But what was it that had pushed Melissa over the edge?

Wedding Stress


Well, Melissa reported that she had been highly involved with the extensive planning of the Royal Wedding, and had waited on Meghan hand and foot. And it was the Dutchess’ behavior before and during the wedding that forced her to resign. The Royal Wedding was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Melissa had carried out all manner of tasks for the Duchess, and some were well beyond her job description. So, what had gone wrong?

Not The Norm


While many people would drop everything for a chance to work for the Royal Family — including Melissa Toubati — few know how demanding the Duchess can be. She had been excited to work with Meghan and take the next step to better her career. With her experience in meeting the highest demands in Hollywood, she was prepared for anything. Or so she thought.

But when she arrived for duty, she quickly realized that the job she had applied for wasn’t quite what she had had in mind. In a report by The Mirror, a source confided that Melissa had “put up with quite a lot.” And, often, she would be in tears by the end of her shift. But it wasn’t just Meghan’s demands that pushed her over the edge…

A Demanding Groom


Things started to heat up for Meghan and Harry before they ever made it down the aisle. Robert Johnson, a royal biographer, says that it wasn’t all down to Meghan either. No, he believes Harry is just as guilty for making plenty of demands.

Robert has confessed that Harry was “petulant and short-tempered” for many days before the wedding, and apparently even demanded that Meghan gets what she wants. The couple might have been struggling to cope with the pressure, but they weren’t the only ones. Soon, Melissa found herself having to deal with an unexpected personal situation of Meghan’s.

Too Much To Handle


One of the many people to come into the firing line throughout the wedding planning was Melissa, and it looks as though she had quite the task upon her in the build-up to the big day. Her role? To control the situation between Meghan and her father.

Many reports surfaced around Thomas Markle and his relationship with his daughter, as well as the staged photos of a suit fitting. Melissa was apparently the one left to do damage control as everyone wondered whether Thomas would come to the wedding ceremony. And it wasn’t just family troubles that plagued the big day…

Fit For A Princess


It turns out that a tiara was the cause of a major argument between the family, and left many aides wondering about their time with the Royal Family. Apparently, Meghan’s tiara wasn’t her first choice.

No, the Duchess reportedly wanted one covered in emeralds, but the Queen wouldn’t see it happen as they couldn’t trace the origin of the jewels. Apparently, Harry was so upset that his grandmother was forced to step in and defuse the situation. And then, Meghan’s close friend confirmed what the Dutchess’ staff already knew.

A Close Ally


Former agent and friend of Meghan’s, Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, was another to talk about the bride and her big day. Gina soon confirmed the rumors and admitted Meghan was picky and specific with every aspect of her wedding, no matter the cost.

However, Gina still states that Meghan is “delightful, warm, personable” despite all the rumors about her demanding ways. Sadly, it appears her list of priorities soon overshadowed the sweetness lying underneath. Melissa couldn’t take the heat of her role any longer. And the lists sent at the crack of dawn didn’t help the situation…

Breaking The rules


Every morning, at 5 AM, Melissa received lists of demands from the Dutchess, making sure that everyone was ready to go from the crack of dawn. Surely that was everything on Meghan’s list? Apparently not. It’s said the Duchess has also been known to break a few royal rules along the way, too.

One of the biggest rules that Meghan has chosen to ignore since becoming a Royal is her wardrobe. Reports state Meghan has been told to stop dressing as though she’s still an actress and find a wardrobe that suits her new role as a Royal. And it was Melissa’s job to encourage her to comply.

Many Positions


Although Meghan’s time in the family has been fuelled with rumors and drama, it appears as though she has continued to settle into her new life. Can she really keep up with the likes of Kate Middleton and Princess Diana after all?

They might be huge shoes to fill, but it looks like Meghan is willing to give it her all. Sadly, the star’s past has since made its way to the headlines and has left many wondering if those stories could be the real Duchess – not the one we see in the media.

A Drawn-Out Plan


Long before she made it to our screens, it looks as though Meghan had another plan up her sleeve. The actress rose to fame thanks to her starring role in Suits, but could she really have wanted more? One photo has certainly got people wondering.

Meghan traveled to Buckingham Palace on a school trip when she was just a teen, and many state this was the moment she started planning her path to make sure she married Prince Harry and became part of the Royal Family.

Rumors That Stick


The rumors began to spread almost as soon as the world learned about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement. However, many stories usually surface with wedding announcements and many fans believed this was another way to make money.

Still, the media continued on their path to show that Meghan might not always be as honest and open as she appears. The thought stuck with many, and her royal aides leaving her side was just another mark against Meghan’s name for some.

A New Lifestyle


Many might need some time to adjust to their new life as a member of one of the most famous families in the world. Yet it looked as though Meghan was fitting in with ease. Thankfully, her time in Hollywood meant this former actress was used to the attention.

However, there was something that Meghan never expected: her role as a Duchess comes with plenty of rules. Meghan now had someone to answer to and could no longer do what she wanted when she wanted.

Freshening The Air


Surely those royal rules can’t be too tough to follow, right? Apparently, they really are. Meghan was in for a surprise when she learned of all the things she could no longer have throughout her wedding plans, and it didn’t take long for sources to tell the world.

Apparently, Meghan wanted to use air fresheners to take away any musty smell from St. George’s Church before her big day, but it was immediately denied. It’s thought this wasn’t the news that Meghan was hoping to hear.

Feuding Duchesses


It’s not just the royal staff that felt the brunt of the Duchess in the build-up to her big day. Apparently, many members of her new family also came into the firing line, too. Many have spoken about Meghan and Kate’s relationship – or lack of one.

It appears as though the two sisters-in-law remain civil in public, but many have talked about how that isn’t always the case behind closed doors. However, people hope these are only rumors and won’t lead to a rift among the family.

The Start Of It All


It appears as though one event, in particular, was the defining point in Meghan and Kate’s relationship. It’s said that Kate was busy with her daughter Princess Charlotte at her bridesmaids dress fitting for Meghan’s big day.

However, Meghan’s apparent demands were enough to see Kate leave the room in a flood of tears. Kensington Palace denies this ever happened yet many insiders state this all took place. It appears as though no one really knows the truth about the day.

A Team Of Staff


It appears as though everyone in the Royal Family is gifted their own team of staff who are there to fulfill their every beck and whim. However, the team often get the chance to talk to one another when they aren’t needed.

It was one of these events that supposedly saw Meghan and Kate come to blows once more. It’s said that Meghan spoke to one of Kate’s staff in a way that she didn’t appreciate and it wasn’t long before Kate stood up for the member of her team.

Leaving Him Behind


It’s not just Meghan’s royal aides who have been exiting the palace over the last few months. It appears as though Harry has seen some of his team leave, too. Ed Lane Fox, Harry’s private secretary, left his role of five years in April 2018.

It’s said that Ed was the one to help Harry out of many negative situations over the years and apparently helped Meghan slot into her new role. No one knows why he left, but it appears as though the two men are still close as Ed was a guest at the royal wedding.

Many Reasons To Leave


All the staff leaving the palace has left many wondering if working for Harry and Meghan could really be all it’s cracked up to be. After all, why else would so many people be handing in their resignation since they have become a couple?

It turns out there are many reasons that people might want to leave their role within the Royal Family. It’s said there are a host of rules for staff and most positions come with a low paycheck at the end of the month.

Not The Only One


Amazingly, it’s not just Meghan who has caused a stir from entering the Royal Family. That’s right; Kate also came under questioning when she married Prince William. In fact, the Duchess saw two members of staff leave just days after her arrival.

Both her gardener and housekeeper, a married couple, exited after it’s said that Kate wanted to do many of the household tasks herself. Apparently, this stood on a few people’s toes as Kate busied herself with a list of jobs.

Down To Earth


Many have noticed that Kate wants to make sure that her life is kept as normal as possible. After all, the Duchess came from a typical family that didn’t have the luxury of staff to help them run the home. This is something that has followed Kate to the Royal Family.

Some believe that Kate wants to make sure that she is the one looking after her family while others think she hopes to keep her life as private as possible. Whatever the case, it was enough for Kate’s head housekeeper walk out the door.

A Desire To Help


It turns out that Meghan has brought a new lease of energy to the Royals and wants to make sure that everyone keeps up with her demands. However, her strong work ethic might be part of the problem that has rocked the boat for many.

Many of the team have spent years working with the family, and they aren’t used to the early morning messages from the Royals. All that energy and desire appears to be too much for many of the staff and is unlike anything they have witnessed before.

There Are More


Although Melissa’s exit from the Royal Family surprised many, she wasn’t alone with her decision to leave her role. In fact, there were six members of staff who all handed in their resignation as soon as the couple walked down the aisle.

Some of the team to go were the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall’s personal secretary, the Queen’s media secretary, and the royal director of communications. It seems that working at the palace might be more up in the air than ever.

A Chance To Start


All those departures mean there is an opening or two within the palace. Many members of the team state that working for the family is a huge honor and the Royals are nothing but warm and kind. However, there is still a list of rules that need to be followed at all times.

It looks as though you need to have a knowledge of the Royal Family and a desire to meet them if you want to make sure you’re as clued up as possible before applying for a role within Kensington Palace.

Not A Walk In The Park


There are many reasons that members of staff come and go from the Royal Family, but many forget that working within the palace might not be as easy as it seems. That’s right; there are plenty of responsibilities that come with the role.

Most of the team have to make sure they are ready for anything at all hours of the day, and some must work long hours if they want to make sure things are perfect. Some state days can start at 7.30 am and might not finish until 11 pm on the same day.

A Rigorous Interview


That’s not all. Anyone wanting to work within the palace also needs to make sure they are ready for the job. Some of the requirements are they must be polite, etiquette, and be educated all before making it through an intense interview.

Only then will the Royal Family consider anyone for a role within their team. Thankfully, the pay off can be more than many people imagined. Many members of staff look back with fond memories. Just perhaps not all of Meghan Markle’s personal assistants.

Keeping Safe


An assistant is responsible for many aspects of a Royal’s life. Although they aren’t in charge of keeping them safe, it’s something that often crosses their mind whenever they are out in public.

After all, there are often huge crowds, and the Royals are some of the most famous faces in the world. This means many assistants can find themselves going above and beyond their role as they want to make sure that everyone is kept safe at all times.

A Dream Job


Whether people have the time of their life or leave the role in a flood of tears, it looks as though working alongside the Royal Family is something that many members of staff have dreamt about their entire lives.

Yes, many have wanted to make their way inside the palace, and have worked hard to make sure they get there. Plus, the experiences enjoyed with the family and opportunities they might receive can often be out of this world. Perhaps it’s not so bad after all?

Just Like Us


Although they can often seem as though they are in a league of their own, the Royal Family are all made up of ordinary people. That’s right; they have good and bad days, they have their own priorities, and some even make a mistake or two along the way.

However, this also means that the chemistry isn’t always there. While some members of staff haven’t always worked out, there is always someone there ready to step into the position as soon as it becomes open.

A Nickname


Because of all Meghan’s alleged issues since she has entered the Royal Family, she has been nicknamed Duchess Difficult. Due to her reportedly high demands, bossy attitude, and strict rules, people have deemed her hard to work with and for.

At the end of the day, perhaps she is just trying to prove she has what it takes and that she is in charge. This is a new role for her and it can be intimidating trying to get used to it – this can lead to stress and acting out.

Problems With The Boss


In reality, everyone has probably had at least one problem with their boss at work. Whether it’s a disagreement, an attitude issue, or just lack of chemistry.

Because of this, we can all understand what it’s like to have a difficult boss and how hard it can be to work with them or maintain office morale. That being said, we can’t just up and quit any time our boss does something we don’t agree with. Apparently you can if you work for the Royal Family.

How Bad Can It Be?


While it definitely seems like working for this family can be pretty demanding and at times complicated, we have to wonder how bad can it actually be? You get to hang out with Royals all day, after all.

But, it would seem like getting emails at early hours in the morning, dealing with constant expectations and demands, and having all eyes on you can probably get to be too much after a while. It hasn’t been easy to see so many staff members leave, but maybe we can’t blame them.

Change Things Up


Regardless of the reasonings behind so many Royal Family staff members leaving, there are a few things to keep in mind. While it probably wasn’t easy for these people to come to this decision and leave, it also most likely isn’t easy for so many changes within the palace employees.

Stuff like this can lead to instability and mild chaos. Thankfully, it seems like the family has grown accustomed to these types of changes and are probably handling it just fine.

High Demand


The next personal assistant to arrive for duty at the palace was Samantha Cohen, also known as Samantha the Panther. She had already been working for the Royals for 17 years. It looked like she would be the perfect candidate to fill Melissa’s shoes.

Samantha was well-known for her outstanding work ethic and knowhow when it came to the Royal Family. Everyone expected her to be able to handle Meghan’s demands with little trouble. But in reality, it wasn’t so. Samantha is the next assistant to tender her resignation.

Many Roles


So just who is Samantha Cohen? Well, she has had a host of different roles since she began working for the Royal Family all those years ago. She’s acted as Queen Elizabeth II’s press spokeswoman, as well as the Queen’s private secretary.

All her time spent serving the royals had a wealth of knowledge about her employers. And now, she has switched roles once again, acting as chief of staff and private secretary to Meghan and Harry. But it won’t be long before Samantha leaves, too.

A Loss


But there is more to Samantha’s resignation, sources say. Samantha had always planned on leaving the royals but wanted to help Meghan and Harry as a final opportunity to show off her skills. Although Samantha’s resignation had been called “a huge loss” by palace sources, everyone began to turn their attention to a new assistant.

Finding Replacements


One of the obvious benefits of the changeup is that Meghan can probably find the right replacements that will suit her needs and meet her requirements. If she truly does have such high demands, then she should be able to find someone that can handle it.

Regardless of the people who come and go out of the palace, one thing is certain: they should probably start finalizing things soon because a baby is coming soon, no matter what. She will have other things on her mind once baby Sussex arrives.