The Real Reason Kelly Ripa Can’t Stand Ellen DeGeneres


Well-Loved Talk Show Host

Ellen DeGeneres may be a well-loved talk show presenter and comedian but as it turns out, a lot of Hollywood celebrities don’t like her very much.

The revelation happened when fans of Kelly Ripa – a popular actress and talk show host – found out that she was one of the many celebrities that didn’t like DeGeneres. What’s her reasoning behind it?

The Beloved Comedian

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Most people should know who Ellen DeGeneres and Kelly Ripa are. But for those of you who aren’t too sure, Ellen’s origins are in stand-up comedy until she gained traction and even starred in her own TV show, Ellen. After her show, she became a name everyone knows.

She told the world that she was gay and has become an influential LGBTQ+ rights activist. When she was reaching the height of her career she got her own talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Now how did Ripa get her fame?

Going From Soap Opera Star To Talk Show Host

The Fresh Toast

Kelly Ripa is an influential person in her own right. She was first a soap-opera star in the 90s. One of her most famous roles was in My Children. She only reached new heights in her career in the early 2000s.

She did the same thing Ellen did and made the decision to hang up her acting career to be a talk show host. She co-hosted a show in 2004 called Live! with Kelly and Ryan. But how did the disagreement between the two hosts start?

How It All Started

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Some people have speculated that the feud started when Ellen had Michael Strahan on her show. Strahan is Kelly’s former co-host. We don’t see why that would bother Kelly though?

Strahan was actually Ripa’s “arch-nemesis” at the time. So this was a betrayal in Kelly’s eyes. But to have more context let’s look into the Michael and Kelly feud.

Live! With Kelly And Michael

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Michael Strahan hung up his football career in the NFL in 2007. He did this to become a TV host with Kelly on Live! With Kelly and Michael.

Strahan worked tirelessly for the show even when his relationship with Ripa as co-host was degrading. They hid the drama well from the camera. Fans were completely oblivious.

A “Sidekick”


“In sports, you can put as many great players as you want on a team, but if one guy out there is worried about himself, it will not work,” Strahan explains. Strahan said.

“Then on television, I’ve had jobs where I got there and felt like: Wow, I didn’t know I was supposed to be a sidekick… I thought I was coming here to be a partner,” He tried his best to keep things fair when the problems with Ripa started.

Trying A Gentle Approach

“One thing I tried to do is have a meeting every few weeks with her, we met a few times, and that was fine. But then eventually she said she didn’t need to meet.” Strahan revealed.

“Can’t force somebody to do something they don’t want to do,” He said that his relationship with Ripa only had one way to go and she was unaware.

Behind The Scenes


Strahan said that he saw many selfish acts on Ripa’s part. He was sick of feeling second to her when it came to the show. He thought that they were a team but she didn’t seem to think so.

“Certain things that were going on behind the scenes just caught up,” Strahan remembers. When he made his announcement the audience, the fans, and even Ripa were taken aback.

Clean Break


The degradation between the two crumbled abruptly when Strahan suddenly left the show and got a job on Good Morning America. What really got to Ripa was when he made his announcement to everyone.

Strahan is self-aware and says that things could’ve been resolved better. But it’s now in the past and he’s moved on with his life.

She Was Blind-Sided

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Allegedly, Strahan only told Ripa just before he told the rest of the world. For her it felt like he hadn’t considered her and hadn’t brought it up before this moment.

She explained that she was angry and that she took a week off of work afterwards. She explained that she was quite “blind-sided.”

What Did Strahan Have To Say?

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Strahan tried his best to stay professional about the circumstances and when the media brought up Kelly he only said good things about her.

“My time with Live! With Kelly and Michael has been transformative, and my departure will be bittersweet. Kelly has been an unbelievable partner, and I am so thankful to her and the entire team”, Strahan said to The Washington Post.

She Was Furious


Grahan’s words of conciliation really left fans wondering who was to blame for the feud. Had Grahan been unthoughtful in the way he left the show or was Ripa being a drama queen?

While it’s hard to take sides, one thing is for sure, and it’s that Ripa was furious.

The Endless Feud


Ripa was so livid that four years later, the feud between them is still unfolding. Ripa cut all ties to Strahan, refusing to speak to him. It even got to the point when Ellen DeGeneres became involved.

But, apparently, DeGeneres’ “joke” only fueled the fire between the two former co-stars. So, what actually happened?

Silent Treatment


Ripa made it clear that she had felt betrayed by Grahan more than once. “I felt hurt and betrayed on so many levels”, she said in an interview.

And according to a few tabloids, whenever she gives someone the silent treatment, she expects all of her friends and colleagues to do the same. And that’s how DeGeneres came into the picture.

The Spark That Lit The Bonfire


In October 2017, Ellen DeGeneres invited Michael Strahan to her talk show, thus allegedly sparking a feud between her and Ripa. But did Ellen intentionally have him over just for the sake of sparking off a feud?

According to Star, Ripa told the press that she felt “betrayed”, and according to Gossip Cop, “[Ellen] cozying up with Michael was like telling the world she had taken his side”.

Who’s To Believe?


Most of DeGeneres’ and Ripa’s fans seriously doubted that there had been bad intentions behind Ellen’s actions, but according to Star, the interview had been “cooked up by the duo as a way to stick it to Kelly”.

According to the outlet’s questionable publication, DeGeneres soon regretted her actions and went on to ask for Ripa’s forgiveness, hoping to “bury the hatchet”. But are these sources fully reliable? Did any of the two hosts make any public remark on the issue?

All Over The Tabloids

According to the outlet’s questionable publication, DeGeneres soon regretted her actions and went on to ask for Ripa’s forgiveness, hoping to “bury the hatchet”.

But are these sources fully reliable? Did any of the two hosts make any public remark on the issue? A source close to DeGeneres eventually revealed the truth.

Doubtful Sources

Gossip Cop

In spite of all the rumors, a source close to DeGeneres confirmed Gossip Cop that Star’s story was totally fake, and that even though Ripa was pissed, they weren’t on such bad terms.

Gossip Cop’s insider also doubted Star’s assertion that DeGeneres pleaded for forgiveness. According to this undisclosed source, DeGeneres never asked Ripa for forgiveness, basically because the feud never existed in the first place.

Not The First Time


However, there are reasons to believe that these rumors are questionable, to say the least. In fact, if they were false, it wouldn’t be the first time that Star made up a false story about our favorite talk-show host.

Just a couple of years ago, the magazine falsely stated that DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi would be filing for a $400-million divorce and that Rossi had dumped her for a man. It wasn’t long before the world discovered it was nothing but gossip.

Nobody Buys It


But the story of DeGeneres and de Rossi’s divorce wasn’t the only false rumor spread by Star. In 2016, the magazine falsely alleged that DeGeneres was going through a “health crisis”, when actually this was far from true.

Therefore, we have enough reasons to believe that DeGeneres did never actually “feel bad” for having Strahan in her show, as Star claimed, nor did she feel sorry for her “betrayal”.

What If It’s True?


But, on the other hand, this whole story isn’t so hard to believe. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that DeGeneres offended another star in the industry.

Several anonymous sources have claimed that DeGeneres doesn’t treat the writers of her show in the best of ways. There are also stories of her being at odds with other A-list stars, like Mark Ruffalo and Drew Barrymore.

DeGeneres Vs. Barrymore

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Unlike her alleged fight with Ripa, DeGeneres’ feud with fellow actress Drew Barrymore has been confirmed by many media outlets. It all began when both stars decided to team up and co-host the NBC reality TV show First Dates.

DeGeneres was to be the show’s executive director, whereas Barrymore signed on as narrator. However, it wasn’t long before tensions arose.

They Never Got Along

In Touch Weekly

According to a source from Touch Weekly, “Ellen expected to be the one calling the shots, but Drew thinks she should have creative control because she’s the movie star people are tuning in to see”.

DeGeneres and Barrymore never managed to get along well, and many people believe that this one of the main reasons why the show never took off. But this is not all!

Ripa Has Had Her Fair Share Of Fights

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Enough about DeGeneres… what about Ripa? While DeGeneres doesn’t get along with everyone in the industry, Ripa has also been involved in her fair share of celebrity feuds.

Years before her fight with Strahan sparked off, the famous host faced off with another famous media personality: Regis Philbin. Does anyone remember what happened?

Same Story, Different Man

The List

Philbin was one of America’s top A-list TV stars, and for good reason. When his co-host Kathie Lee Gifford left the show, Ripa took her place.

But while they were all smiles on-camera, rumor spread that the two would always fight behind-the-scenes. Things got worse when Philbin decided to leave the show without even telling Ripa in person. If you think about it, it’s kind of like what happened between her and Grahan!

Long List Of Celebrity Feuds


But that wasn’t the only time Ripa was involved in a celebrity feud. She also got into a fight with Bachelor host Chris Harrison after publicly claiming that the show disgusted her.

This other time, actress and comedian Rosie O’Donnell called Ripa “mean” after accusing her of gay-bashing. Her feud with fellow host Megyn Kelly is also worth mentioning. And the list goes on. Then, Ripa opened up to People about her and Strahan’s relationship.

Opening Up


When she was asked about how she felt about Strahan’s abrupt exit, she replied: “There’s a part of me that can say, ‘Okay, I understand. This may have been an oversight.'”

“And again, after 26 years, at this point we are like a family. And sometimes when you are so comfortable with somebody, you may not give them the same consideration as somebody you’re not as comfortable with – a certain formality falls away.”

Her Side Of The Story


When asked about her leave from work after discovering that her co-star was leaving, she explains her side of the story: “I think what people need to understand about the entire situation is that I didn’t just not show up,” she said. “I needed to make sure I said the appropriate things on TV and didn’t just come out and say whatever.”

“People make mistakes, and we’re all human,” she tells People. “They’re human and I’m human. We all have these moments, and it’s about how you move forward and how you begin again.”

“Great For Him”


Ripa contends that she understands that “things happen,” explaining, “I get it. We’re excited for Michael. He wanted that job, and it’s great for him. I think it is a perfect match, I really do.”

“However, what nobody considered is there’s a whole other group of people that it really impacts, because we have to now find another great person,” Ripa concluded. So, was all the gossip about Ripa’s feud with DeGeneres completely blown out of proportion? Did it even happen at all?

Time Will Tell

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On the one hand, it’s evident that Ripa doesn’t get along well with other TV hosts. Strahan, Philbin, Harrison, Kelly, O’Donnell, and now DeGeneres… who will be next?

On the other hand, neither of them have openly admitted their alleged feud, so there’s a high chance it was all celebrity gossip. How about you? What do you think happened? I guess time will tell whether or not it was all true!