Where Are The Cast Of Coyote Ugly Now?


Even though it came out over 20 years ago, it feels like only yesterday Ugly Coyote came out. And even if the film did have a mediocre score of only 23% on rotten tomatoes, it’s gained a lot of attention because of its cast.

The cast had a lot of well-known celebrities, even if they didn’t know it yet! But have you ever wondered what they’ve been getting up to over the years?

Piper Perabo Then


Did you know that the lead character Violet of Coyote Ugly was almost played by Jessica Simpson? We’re glad the producers changed their mind because Piper Perabo was made for that role!

She was even an aspiring actress who was waitressing in New York when she got the part! It was Perabo’s breakthrough role, just like her character, Violet. But what about now?

Piper Perabo Now


Since she debuted in Coyote Ugly, Piper Perabo’s career remained strong. She appeared in numerous films, such as Cheaper by the Dozen, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Because I Said So, Imagine Me & You, and Looper.

She also appeared on the tv series Covert Affairs and received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance. She still continues to act!

Adam Garcia Then


Adam Gracia played Violet’s male love interest and boy, were we glad he did. Swoon!

He was a perfect fit for his role in Coyote Ugly, which was Adam Garcia’s second major motion picture. However, he was destined for greater things as he began to find out!

Adam Garcia Now


Adam Garcia’s film and stage career continued to grow. After Coyote Ugly, he starred in the films Riding in Cars with Boys, and appeared in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

More recently, Adam Garcia starred in the film Murder on the Orient Express and the stage version of The Exorcist and Singin’ in the Rain. He’s also quite the tap-dancer!

Maria Bello Then


Lil Lovell was the tough-as-nails owner of the bar Coyote Ugly we all fell in love with. The character was played by Maria Bello, who brought the softness to her strong character!

Lovell was an empowered character who knew how to stand her ground and keep everybody in check. And what about Maria?

Maria Bello Now


Maria Bello stars in the long-running TV show NCIS. She plays forensic psychologist Jacqueline “Jack” Sloane. She once again plays an empowered woman unafraid of holding her own among men – we’re seeing a trend here!

She also starred in The Jane Austen Book Club, alongside Emily Blunt, and The Cooler, alongside William H. Macy, and many others.

Melanie Lynskey Then


Melanie Lynskey was still a newcomer to acting when she was cast in Coyote Ugly.

For Coyote Ugly, the New Zealander needed to take on a New Jersey accent since she played Gloria, Violet’s friend.

Melanie Lynskey Now


Melanie Lynskey often plays supporting roles, so you may not realize that you’ve spotted her in many films like Sweet Home Alabama, The Informant!, Up In The Air, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, among many others.

She also starred on the HBO series Togetherness and played the recurring character Rose on Two and a Half Men. Even though she’s not a leading actress, she plays the perfect support!

Tyra Banks Then


Tyra Banks was cast as Zoe, one of the table-top dancers. Thereafter, many of the film’s promotional ads featured the famous model.

Tyra didn’t appear in the film much, but her character is memorable because she Tyra Banks of course! I’m sure most of us have an idea where her career went…

Tyra Banks Now


Tyra truly blossomed as now she is a well-known TV personality.

When The Tyra Banks Show and America’s Next Top Model became successful, her fame skyrocketed! She also hosted America’s Got Talent and has landed a new hosting gig via Dancing with the Stars. Then, we meet a voice-over giant…

John Goodman Then


John Goodman played the role of a concerned dad in Coyote Ugly. Violet’s father was protective but supported her decision to move to New York to pursue her dreams.

When Officer Bill Sanford, John’s character, finds out his daughter works at Coyote Ugly, it didn’t sit with him well. His acting shined on the big screen, but did it continue?

John Goodman Now


John Goodman already starred in dozens of movies before this film, and he continued to do so after.

He’s also a great voice actor. He voiced the character Pacha in the Disney animated film The Emperor’s New Groove, and voiced Sulley in Monsters, Inc. Other noteworthy voiceover roles are Baloo from The Jungle Book 2, The Princess and the Frog’s Big Daddy La Bouff, and Hound in the Transformers films.

Izabella Miko Then


Izabella Miko was one of the few trained dancers in the film. The Polish actress studied ballet in New York on a scholarship and then settled there.

Audiences loved her character Cammie, an innocent yet spicy bartender who has a flair for fashion. The movie would have been quite different without her!

Izabella Miko Now


The two things that Izabella Miko loves most are acting and dancing, and she is still doing both!

She went on to star in the music video for “Mr. Brightside” and took over the lead role in Save the Last Dance 2. However, other actors weren’t so lucky.

Bridget Moynahan Then


Bridget Moynahan was already known for being a model before Coyote Ugly. Her character in the film was more level-headed than the other bartenders, but she was equally wild!

She went on to have a successful acting career but could she learn to hold her own in Hollywood?

Bridget Moynahan Now


Bridget Moynahan’s has a long and steady career in acting. The model-turned-actress was cast to play a supporting role in the 2001 romantic comedy Serendipity and the 2002 thriller The Sum of All Fears.

She was also in The Recruit, Lord of War, I, Robot, Prey, Grey Matters, and Noise. But this repertoire is nothing compared to who we have next.

LeAnn Rimes Then


The character’s song that she works to create is “Can’t Fight The Moonlight,” the real-life song is written by Diane Warren and performed by LeAnn Rimes.

The track is also the “theme song” of the film. But that wasn’t the only hit LeAnn Rimes wrote…

LeAnn Rimes Now


After Coyote Ugly, she released a lot of hit songs and won many awards.

Her song “Can’t Fight the Moonlight!” even earned her the Best Selling International Female Single Award at the Meteor Music Awards. She’s also been nominated for Top Female Vocalist and Favorite Country Female Artist at the AMAs.

Kaitlin Olson Then


One of the movie’s iconic scenes is when Kevin starts dancing around on the counter, similar to what the ladies normally do. Violet then begins to auction him off to eager ladies, one of whom is Kaitlin Olson!

Her role was brief, but it did show off her comedic skills, which helped land her the lead roles she plays on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Kaitlin Olson Now


Kaitlin Olson rose to fame in 2004 and continued to take on the lead role on the popular sitcom, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

The comedy show is very successful and she’s reaped its benefits! She’s also been nominated for an Emmy for her performance on Flipped and appeared in films, such as Leap Year, The Heat, and Finding Dory.

Alex Borstein Then


Like Kaitlin Olson, Alex Borstein played one of the women who are bidding on Kevin when Violet is auctioning him off.

At the time, she was well-known for the character she voices on Family Guy, but not many people spotted her! Well, have they now?

Alex Borstein Now


Although Family Guy was her big break, the star appeared in several films, including Kicking and Screaming, which stars Will Ferrell, and The Lizzie McGuire Movie, starring Hilary Duff.

More recently, Alex Borstein won two Emmys for her performance on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. But awards haven’t come so easily for others.

Susan Yeagley Then


Kevin’s bidding scene gave a lot of famous or nearly-famous actresses a chance to shine!

Susan Yeagley was another one of these women. While this was the Tennessee native’s first acting job, it wasn’t her last.

Susan Yeagley Now


After Coyote Ugly, she appeared on shows such as Friends, ER, Reno 911, and Parks and Recreation!

She’s also appeared on Everybody Loves Raymond, The Sarah Silverman Project, Miracles, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Fair to say, she kept herself busy. Just like our next actor…

Chris Wylde Then


Those who paused as the camera panned over and showed the Coyote Ugly audience was probably surprised to see the familiar face of Chris Wylde.

Before he filmed the scene in Coyote Ugly, he had starred on Comedy Central’s Strip Mall and hosted The Chris Wylde Show, the first-ever late-night talk show on the network. And now?

Chris Wylde Now


Almost a decade after Coyote Ugly came out, Wylde starred in the horror film The Revenant and later appeared in the 2015 movie The DUFF.

Recently, he was in the horror-comedy The Babysitter and its sequel released in 2020. What’s more, he stars in, writes, and produces the web series Dadholes! But he’s got nothing on our other cameo appearance…

Michael Bay Then


The famous action film director Michael Bay, appeared in a cameo in the movie as a photographer.

He wasn’t actually a part of the film crew, so we aren’t sure why he played such a small role. Maybe he owed someone a favor?

Michael Bay Now


Two of his most acclaimed films were released just before and right after Coyote Ugly; sci-fi film Armageddon, and feature film Pearl Harbor!

He also directed the Transformers movies, the Bad Boys films, The Island, 6 Underground, and many other hits, which have made him one of the most successful directors in history. But not everyone has to go down in history to make an impact.

Melody Perkins Then


Melody Perkins’ role consisted of the actress looking overwhelmed as she begins her job at the bar.

She served to remind us that the job wasn’t really as fun as what the other characters in the story made it seem to be!

Melody Perkins Now


During Coyote Ugly’s time, Melody Perkins became a familiar face for playing Astronema on the television series Power Rangers in Space and then Karone on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

She also appeared on various shows like Charmed, Malcolm in the Middle, and CSI: Miami before retiring for a decade.

Johnny Knoxville Then


Most people knew Johnny Knoxville from MTV when this film was released. The multi-talented comedian, actor, stuntman, and filmmaker played his part well.

He was a bratty college co-ed and is credited as “College Guy” in the movie! But where is he now?

Johnny Knoxville Now


After his short scene in Coyote Ugly, Johnny Knoxville continued to pursue acting. In 2002, he appeared in the hit movie Men in Black II, and played his part well.

Most recently, Knoxville played the character C.J. on the popular Netflix sitcom Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The success stories continue…

Michael Weston Then


Michael Weston played Danny in Coyote Ugly, and while the role was small, it opened up more doors for his acting career.

The young actor signed on to three more movies that same year but he didn’t stop there.

Michael Weston Now


Appearing as Dancer on the hit show Scrubs, the sadistic kidnapper Jake on HBO’s Six Feet Under, and the private detective Lucas Douglas on the critically acclaimed drama House.

Most recently, Weston played the role of Ross in the 2020 drama Adam, starring Aaron Paul. But not everyone took to screen acting…

Del Pentecost Then


Del Pentecost appeared on Coyote Ugly playing the character Lou.

His character is easy to miss if you don’t pay attention, but the aspiring actor used the small role as a spring step into his acting career.

Del Pentecost Now


Aside from on-screen acting in shows such as Gravity, Pentecost spends his time doing performances off-Broadway.

His most recent gig was in one of the one-act plays by Ethan Coen titled Almost an Evening.

Ken Hudson Campbell Then


Throughout the 90s, Ken Hudson Campbell played various roles in different projects, one of them being a biker in the 2000 movie Coyote Ugly.

His character may be the “blink, and you’ll miss it” kind, but his minor role also only encouraged him to pursue more acting jobs.

Ken Hudson Campbell Now


After his stint in Coyote Ugly, Ken Hudson Campbell lent his voice to Baby Bob, the talking infant on the CBS series Baby Bob.

Most recently, Campbell voiced Boomer in the 2019 animated film Wonder Park, which is about a bear living in a magical amusement park.