Widow’s Husband’s Family Demand Ring Back


Tears ran down her cheeks as she held the ring tight in her hands. How could have the audacity to ask for it back? Didn’t they understand what she was going through?

It was her only closure in this dark time and if it was gone she would have nothing. But they didn’t care, did they?

Gone, But Not Forgotten

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A Redditor had shared her experience on Reddit. It was a sad story about grief. She had lost her husband who had been with her for seven years, one-and-a-half of which they had been married.

She was understandably devastated, but she knew that she had one thing to keep her moving forward. The wedding ring that he had picked out for her.

Wanting It Back

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But her husband’s family now wanted the ring back, her mother-in-law wanted to give it to her daughter. She was stunned by the news. Surely they could just let her grieve with it, the last symbol of his love.

A lot of Redditors chimed in, saying that they were unjustified to want it back under the circumstances. What do you think?