Bridal Couple Looking Forward To Wedding, Until Someone Tries To Ruin The Surprise

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Amber Merritt was very excited about her upcoming wedding before a troll sent her fiancé pictures of her in her wedding dress.

Things, however, would take an unexpected turn as the photographs were of the wrong item.

Social Media

Amber turned to social media to get feedback on what people thought of her wedding dress.

Little did she expect that somebody using a fake account would try to ruin the surprise.


She took precautions by posting in a private group to keep the pictures a secret from her husband-to-be.

All she wanted was a little advice from other members of the group, but she was also warned by them.


Amber said “I was in total disbelief. I couldn’t get over it. I can’t believe someone would take time out of their evening to do that.”

“They clearly just get a kick out of being an annoyance.”


Lucky for Amber, she was warned just in time to contact Michael, her husband-to-be.

She told him not to open any messages from strangers because somebody was clearly trying to sabotage her happiness.


As it turns out, Michael did receive pictures from a troll. Amber used his phone to open the messages and remove them from his phone.

Amber was happy with the dress, but she believed it needed a lot of alterations to be exactly what she wanted.


She was scrolling on Facebook and came across another dress. The dress cost $200, she went to try it on and fell in love with it immediately.

The dress also cost $250 less than the dress that was almost revealed to Michael.

Joyous Occasion

Amber’s new dress made her so happy that she calls it her dream dress and she wishes she could wear every day.

Although somebody tried to interfere with her joyous occasion, plans changed and became even better for Amber before her wedding day.