Wedding Guests Were Having A Great Time Until The Food Was Served

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Wedding Stress

One of the main elements of a wedding is the food that is served to guests at the end of the ceremony and reception.

Some bridal couples don’t get it right and it turns out at this particular wedding, the guests were left fuming at dinner time.



Weddings are a costly affair which is why some couples wait to save up the money to fund the event while others may even take out a loan to finance it.

There are various aspects to take care of like the groom’s suit, the brides dress, drinks for the guests, but most importantly is the food. But what happens when the bridal couple can’t afford it?

Perfect Plan


One particular couple thought they hatched out the perfect plan to have a great wedding with food and drinks included that they didn’t have to break the bank for.

It’s a wonder that nobody associated with the couple alerted them to the fact that their decision may offend some guests.

Another Level


It’s become common practice for wedding invites to exclude children and only extend it to the adults in a family.

This is a pure cost-saving idea and even though there was some opposition to this in its infancy, people have grown accustomed to it. But this bridal couple took it to another level.



At least they had an open bar which provided enough lubrication for some guests.

Others, though, were peckish and when they needed a snack, nothing was forthcoming. Guests clearly started regretting attending this wedding.

Circle The Date


The Bride had told many of her friends to cross off the date on their calendars to ensure their presence at their nuptials.

Naturally, these guests did block out the dates and promised to watch their friend walk down the aisle. But they had no idea what she would request of them closer to the date.

Bridal Request


As time drew near, guests received a formal wedding invite from the couple.

After opening the envelope, they were taken aback by what it entailed. Never before have they seen such a request from a bridal couple.

Ludicrous Request


The couple had requested that guests pay $125 per person to attend their wedding.

Since these events were rather expensive, the bridal couple decided to seek help from the very people attending their event. It did not go down well.

Only The Beginning

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Couples had paid $250 to attend their friends’ wedding. Due to the fact that they’d already promised their presence, it was too late to pull out.

They shelled out the money which unfortunately was only the beginning of the nightmare.

Worst Wedding Ever


It all fell apart at dinner time. They were served pieces of hotdogs as their dinner which actually had run out.

There were no party favors on their tables which echoed the fact that this was the worst wedding they’ve ever attended. Guest, unfortunately, had to endure the evening but certainly let loose on social media for the whole world to see.