Hallucination Video Explained

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Warning: Watching This Video May Give You Hallucinations

Hallucination video footage is popping up more and more frequently today. This is due to not to the demand, but to the effect the videos have on the uploader. People who seek instant fame resort to different measures. For this reason, most people use the internet to enjoy as their catapult to stardom. Some people upload videos of their various talents to YouTube. But there are only so many times one can listen to a cover of Brittany. This causes some people to take more drastic measures. Crazy stunts are a common go to in this scenario. But things have definitely taken a turn for the weird in recent times. More and more people have begun to upload hallucination video footage to their feeds. For whatever reason, this trend has caught on and keeps viewers coming back for more. But why?

The Intricacies Of Creating A Hallucination Video

People carefully design a “hallucination video” to create a strong, natural hallucination. This is very similar to videos based on optical illusions. In essence, people are witnessing something that is not actually there. This can sometimes give one the sense of euphoria. But not always. Usually, the effects on the viewer are what have people coming back for more. However, some hallucination videos are sometimes too much for someone to handle.

How Hallucination Video Footage Aims To Affects Viewers

Delving into hallucination video footage has a profound effect on the viewer. Watching this kind of video will enable you to see things which aren’t actually there. Your mind creates a type of green room for reality. The video causes you to imagine things so powerfully, you feel as though they are there. Something commonly found in hallucinogenic videos is motion aftereffect (MAE). This is a scientific term used to describe an immobile image which generates the illusion of movement to the beholder. The viewer stares into the center of a static image. Then, by the trickery of the eye, the image will begin to appear as if it is moving.

How Hallucination Video Viewers Differ

The impact of a hallucination video may differ from one person to another. Moreover, it may vary in intensity. It is an imprecise science. Therefore, experimenting with this kind of stimulus is not a one size fits all kind of situation. Different people will react differently to each hallucination video. None the less, most viewers get some sort of kick out of it. However, it is safe to say this is not for the faint of heart. You may want to think twice before you immerse yourself into this mind-boggling experience.
Want to experience the effects of seeing a hallucination video? Click on the link below! For the best results, watch the video in full-screen HD. All you need to do is follow the instructions in the video closely. Rest assured, the hallucination will only be temporary.

WARNING: If you are a photosensitive epileptic, do not watch this video.