UPS Driver Sends Mom Photo, She Sees It And Runs Outside


A Cold November Day

It was a cold November day in Indiana when Jordan Weaver was making his rounds. He was a UPS driver, but this shift would turn out to be nothing like any other shift.

When Weaver made a stop to drop off a parcel in a residential area, he noticed something that stopped him dead in his tracks. He felt his blood turn to ice at the horrifying sight.

On High Alert

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Weaver was still a relatively new employee at UPS as he had only been working with them for about ten months when the incident occurred. Weaver had also completed a multi-week-long driver safety program. Due to this, Weaver was “particularly alert.”

But nothing could have prepared him for what this particular day had planned for him.

A Strange Turn

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It’s fortunate that Weaver was so alert, however, or this story might have had a much more tragic ending. When Weaver stopped on a routine delivery in Elkhart, Indiana, he parked his car on the main road. He had parked opposite his next delivery, took the parcel from his truck, and delivered it without any hassle.

But as Weaver climbed back into his van, he noticed something strange.



He was looking at a pile of leaves that was spilling onto the sidewalk when he noticed something rustling underneath. At first, he didn’t think much of it – assuming that there must be a squirrel under the pile of leaves.

But when a shape began to emerge, things took a shocking turn.

Unexpected Situations

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Before explaining what Weaver found that day, bear in mind that Weaver’s encounter was by no means the only one of its kind. While doing their rounds, UPS drivers get to know the neighborhood and the people on their route.

Weaver isn’t the only driver to have found himself in an unexpected situation while on the job.

Case In Point

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Delivery drivers, understandably, spend a lot of time traveling the local roads. This not only means that they get to know them very well, but they also come across some strange and unusual sights sometimes. Considering how much time they spend in their cars, this isn’t too surprising.

One such Driver was Byron Nash. He had no idea that he would prevent a tragedy while delivering a parcel in Louisiana.

Not As It Seems

Facebook/Byron Nash

Byron Nash is a FedEx driver. When he was working in October 2018, he was driving through Lake Charleston, Louisiana, before making a normal delivery at a house. And what he saw there sent a chill down his spine and sparked outrage on social media.

He just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

The Fright Of His Life


Nash took the package from his truck, made sure he was at the right address and was about to make the delivery when something caught his eye. There was something on the road next to his truck.

He craned his head out the window, and when he saw it, he got the fright of his life.

The Footage

Facebook/Byron Nash

There, next to his truck, was a baby. It had crawled out of the house he was about to make a delivery to and had ended up in the road, right next to the wheels of Nash’s truck. Nash knew that he had to document what happened next, so he took out his phone and started recording.

Afterward, he would decide to share the shocking video on Facebook.

Looking Around

Facebook/Byron Nash

The first thing we see when the video stars is the baby itself. It is sitting in front of his truck on the hot tarmac.

In the video, you can hear Nash say, “Look [at what I’ve seen] when I get off my work truck. This baby is right under my tires, and her parents are nowhere to be found. Look at this!”

Where Was The Mother?

Facebook/Byron Nash

He pans the video around, eventually focusing on a house with a wide-open garage door. He makes sure that the baby is alone and then films the baby crawling toward him.

Nash is clearly startled when he notices this as you can hear him say “hey” before kneeling down next to the bewildered baby. Where was the mother?


Facebook/Byron Nash

He puts down his parcel and picks up the child instead. He picks up the parcel as well and goes to the house he suspects might house the baby’s parents.

With nobody in sight, he calls out to let them know he is there before walking into the garage. His heart pounds in his chest for a few awful minutes before he sees her.

Chastising Her

Facebook/Byron Nash

A woman calls out from inside and comes out to Nash. He wastes no time in chastising the woman. “Hey, this baby was under my truck! I didn’t even see her until I saw the dog, and I got out and I saw her under the tire.”

The woman is noticeably shocked and recognizes the baby, shouting, “…Oh, honey!”


Facebook/Byron Nash

With the baby safely back with its mother, Nash delivers the parcel. The mother is both relieved and angry as she scolds the baby saying, “Girl, come on now! I thought I had her trapped.”

Clearly, she didn’t have the child trapped. Nash admits that the discovery terrified him. What would have happened if he hadn’t been there?


Facebook/Byron Nash

“Hey, it would’ve scared me too,” the woman responds. “I’m so sorry.” Nash reminds her of how different the situation could have ended, and how close they came to disaster.

Nash is relieved as he admits, “I’m glad I was paying attention! If I’d have backed up, [the baby would] have been out of here. And I’d have been in trouble!”

Not The Last Incident

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Nash cautions her that she should ensure that all her doors are closed to make sure that it can’t happen again. The shocking video ends as the pair say goodbye and Nash continues with his rounds.

But it was only a month later that another delivery driver, Jordan Weaver, shared his own terrifying discovery on social media.

Something Inside

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When Weaver noticed the pile of leaves moving outside a house on his route, he initially didn’t think he was about to see anything out-of-the-ordinary. Suddenly, a shape began to appear that made his stomach drop.

The pile of leaves was so large that it was spilling out onto the road. But passing motorists wouldn’t have been able to spot what was really inside.

Taking Action


A young boy appeared from underneath the pile of leaves. Weaver later recalled to WSBT-TV, “I couldn’t believe it at first. My heart completely stopped.” But as soon as he had composed himself, he knew exactly what to do.

He snapped a picture of the boy in the pile of leaves and searched for the phone number of the woman on his delivery sheet.

The Mother Comes Running

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Almost immediately after he had sent the message, a woman came running outside. “Turns out, of course, that’s her son,” Weaver explains. Then he proceeded to give the woman a stern talking to about what could have happened if he hadn’t spotted the boy.

Then, he sent the photo to Theresa Baker, a member of a local UPS safety committee program.

Going Viral

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Baker, in turn, posted the picture on Facebook. It wasn’t long before the post went viral. It quickly amassed 400,000 shares. Weaver hopes that the picture will be a warning to motorists and parents everywhere.

‘Safety is our top priority at UPS. When one of our drivers saw this child in the leaves, it was a chance to help spread the word to always be watchful on the road,’ UPS said in a statement.

Looking Out For Us

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“You really have to keep your eyes open,” Weaver said. “No matter what street you’re on, no matter where you’re at, just have to keep your eyes open. You have to pay attention to everything around you constantly.”

It just goes to show how lucky we are that delivery drivers are watching out for our children. If Weaver and Nash hadn’t intervened, both of these stories could have ended very differently!