Unluckiest People Caught On Camera

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Just Plain Unlucky

Are you one of those people who just always finds themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time? You just always seem to be the one who trips over their shoelaces or pushes a door that says pull.

These people are prime examples of the absolute most unfortunate people that you could possibly imagine.

Humiliated In Front Of Friends

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Tina Morgan had always been a clumsy kind of person. One day while out with her friends she was trying to catch the attention of a boy she liked. She became animated and started mock dancing to a song a friend was playing on their phone.

That’s when her foot slipped through the bars of a drain and became lodged in the smelly brown goo below. Tina knew that sitting there being helped out by firefighters while her ‘friends’ pointed and laughed was probably the lowest point in her life. This next one will show you the importance of using things for your own age.

Act Your Age

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Mindy Sellers was always a joker. She loved nothing more than hamming it up and being the centre of attention. One day while out with friends at a burger restaurant, she decided it would be hilarious to get into a kid’s high chair. Despite being small framed, Mindy became instantly stuck.

Things were so bad she had to get the firefighters out to get her out. That’ll teach her to act her age! This next guy is another person who could learn that same lesson.

Playground Antics

YouTube Palitato

Tony Power was a massive child at heart. As well as still sleeping in a race car bed and wearing his Power Ranger undies, he also loved hanging out at playgrounds. Sure he got lots of strange looks from the moms but he didn’t care as long as he got his fix of the jungle gym.

He was at one particular park when he got a harsh dose of reality. While going down this particular part of the jungle gym he got stuck. Unlike everyone else in this article, Tony actually got out without help! Not a total loser after all. This next guy embarrassed himself at a wedding with his unfortunate event.

Wedding Mishap

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This genius is a man by the name of  Tommy O’Brien.  At his best friend’s wedding, he decided it would be absolutely hilarious to get into a toddler swing. Designed for toddlers and toddlers alone.

Needless to say, he ended up getting completely stuck and in need of the help of the wedding party to get him out. He’ll never live that one down! This next guy needs to stop talking trash.

Garbage Man

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Yuri Slaminski always had a thing for the smell of trash. It just calmed him. He had grown up in a very fancy household with a mom who despised dirt so when he was tasked with taking out the trash he used to love how the stinky trash was so different from any other smell he knew. It was rebellious and so was he.

One day while at the country club that his billionaire father in law had invited him for golf at, Yuri couldn’t help himself. He saw his reflection in the bin and saw a man he didn’t recognise playing a sport he didn’t like with a man he didn’t understand. Before he realized what he was doing, his head was in the bin, trying to smell back a sense of who he was. Needless to say, Yuri never returned to the country club. This next guy will never attempt DIY ever again.


YouTube Mind Warehouse

Corey Umberto was a washing machine repairman and got a call about a broken spin on one machine. Corey was the type to never ever think about his actions before doing anything. When he was inspecting the machine he suddenly felt the urge to shove his head inside.

It turned out to be the worst thing he could have possibly done and the client had to call the firefighters to remove him with an angle grinder. This next girl could have potentially lost a leg with her clumsiness.

There’s Something In The Sewer


Jenny McCormack never ever looked where she was going. Her mom had always told her she always had her head in the clouds. Jenny was left wishing she had listened to her mom when she felt her leg go from underneath her. She had been unfortunate enough to have her leg slip into a part of the sewer that was infested with alligators!

Luckily, Jenny’s foot not only had verrucas, bunions and corns but they also stank to the high heavens, warding away the alligators until the firefighters arrived. This next girl wishes she never played volleyball ever.

Tight Rope Fail

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Amanda Brien was the world’s leading bikini tightrope champion. She had amazing balance and focus and rarely fell. However, one day while tight roping, a man came over to try flirt with her and upended her in the process.

Somehow I don’t imagine he got her number. This next guy will leave you wary of ever partaking in any extreme sports.

Butterfly In A Spiderweb

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This man was paragliding through the countryside as he had done a hundred times before. Everything was going fine until all of a sudden it really wasn’t. He crashed into power lines and became tangled like a butterfly on a web.

Luckily the power company turned off the lines in time and managed to get him down safe and sound. This next guy would make you want to put your head through a wall.

Wheres Your Head At?

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Peter Perry was a complete and utter maniac. He was the type to eat worms or dirt or crayons in school. So when his friends asked him to stick his head into a manhole in a wall as a teenager, he proceeded to shove his head then his entire body too.

This one was yet again a save from the firefighters. What would crazy people do without them? This last guy will never look at a vending machine the same again.

Vending Machine Horror

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One night after a particularly heavy evening at the bar, Johnny Butler stumbled home through town. He saw what he thought was a beautiful lady winking at him. “What a night!” thought Johnny, walking over to say hi. His lucky night!

Next thing he knew, it was morning and his head hurt and when trying to stand up he became aware his hands were glued by cruel strangers to the lady which turned out to just be a vending machine. He really needed to stop doing this.