Things You’re Doing That Your Dog Hates

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We all love our furry friends and family pooches. We enjoy smothering them and exaggerating certain behaviors for the joy of our dogs. We seem to think that these things make our dogs happy, but on the contrary, there are certain things you may not be aware of when it comes to the happiness of your dog.
These are your pet’s peeves.


Firstly, hugging your dog may seem like an affectionate manner of showing love, but in fact, you’re actually constricting the poor pup, which it may consider an act of control.
Secondly: language.


Do you ever find yourself saying all the things in the world to your dog hoping it will understand? Sure, while your dog may understand a few words you say, they truly comprehend your body language a lot better.
Dogs would also much prefer a scratch under the ear than a pat on the head. Eye contact?


Giving a dog a death stare may seem an act of dominance, there’s no need to do this. There’s especially no necessary need to make strong eye contact with a dog that isn’t familiar with you.
Dogs also need good structure and boundaries to feel comfortable in routines. Dogs on leashes?


A tight leash can make a dog feel uneasy and stressed. Also be sure to let your dogs explore, smell and visit new places.
Without this, a dog can become depressed, seeking solitude. What the solution to this problem?


Don’t keep your dogs couped up inside. Dogs are generally quite social, but being forced into uncomfortable situations can end badly for either the dog or that person/dog they are uncomfortable with.
How do your emotions affect your dogs?


Your emotions can often be sensed by your pets, try to keep their energy up, spending as much time with them as possible. In turn, you will find that you are less stressed perhaps having spent some therapeutic time with your loveable pooch.
You may also not want to do the following…


Exposing your dogs to strong smells could really bother them since they can smell nearly 40 times better than we can. It would be a good idea to keep fragrances and air fresheners away from your dogs, just to keep them happy.
These top tips will most certainly ensure your dog’s gratitude.