Things You Were Taught In School That Are Not True

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School Truths

Have you ever wondered where you would use the skills you learned at school in the real world?
Well, apparently a lot of what you were taught at school isn’t true and has been proven to be incorrect. Who said you can’t fold a piece of paper in half more than 7 times?

Folding Paper

Its a common myth that has been spoken about and tried by many in their youth and even in adulthood.
But as it turns out, California student, Britney Gallivan, has proved the theory wrong when she managed to fold a long sheet of toilet paper in half 12 times. Did George Washington have wooden teeth?

George Washington

The former president, George Washington, did have oral hygiene problems and a lot of dental work done.
He apparently had one natural tooth left by 1789. The rest of his teeth were however not wood. They contained lead, ivory, gold and we suspect some the work he had done included replacement teeth from cows, horses, and even humans. Left brain versus right brain?

Right Brain Left Brain

This is apparently just a hoax created to categorize people into two different groups of personalities.
There are no studies that prove that there are more active sides to the brain for people who are creative versus people who are more mathematic and scientific by thought processes. Are there only 3 forms of matter on earth?

Matter On Earth

In the further reaches of our atmosphere, there is a fourth state of matter, commonly known as Plasma.
It carries kinetic energy. No one knows exactly where it can be found, but it can be created in a laboratory. No taste map on your tongue?

Tongue Map

Digital Trends

Apparently, this is all just some mumbo jumbo that is a misinterpretation of a graph created to explain the receptors on your tongue.
The receptors on your tongue are actually not mapped in certain locations, but rather the same receptors distributed across your tongue, that all detect different variables of taste. Dinosaurs aren’t extinct?

Dinosaurs Aren’t Extinct

This obviously sounds crazy but it is said that today’s birds evolved from dinosaurs. Which makes them… well… dinosaurs.
The best thing about it is we have them flying all over the city. Did you notice that dinosaurs look like gigantic lizards?

Dinosaur Feathers

A few well-preserved fossils have been found. Paleontologists have actually discovered from the fossils that dinosaurs were covered in fluffy colorful feathers,
Steve Brusatte said: “It’s one of the most amazing things that’s happened in my life as a scientist.” Perhaps Steven Spielburg will have to redo his 90’s blockbuster, Jurassic Park.