Things Americans Said Online That Made Us Cringe



American culture can sometimes be a little hard to get used to for the rest of the world. It may be over patriotism or maybe how lazy some of them can be, but it’s just something they aren’t used to.

Here are some American habits that have the rest of the world with a lot more questions than answers.


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Whether it be American Pie, singing the National Anthem in stores, or flying the Star-Spangled Banner on their porch, patriotism is a habit among many Americans.

It’s understandable since they became their own country and separated from the British. They have a lot to be proud of.


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Being a well-developed country means the field of “convenience” is often improved. This can have hilarious results like the image above.

A woman is walking her toddler in a stroller but she isn’t actually walking at all, she’s on a Segway! This is just ridiculous!