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Kaiju, Ultimate Size Chart

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The fascination of Godzilla, King Kong and other fictional monsters created, is one to behold. The action packed sorcery of these insanely strong mythical creatures is just too exciting to miss. The large monster genre is served well by Cloverfield, Pacific Rim and the 2014 remake of Godzilla. We will definitely see more Kaiju (Japanese for strange beast or large monster) on the big screens in the years to come, lead by the King of all the monsters, Godzilla…

Created by Jaroslav Kosmina, this recently updated Kaiju size chart presents the relative scale of the most popular kaiju.  The chart is oriented horizontally, but it’s embedded vertically below so it could fit – be sure to click it so you can see it how it’s meant to be seen.

Click to see a horizontal, hi-res version of the chart:

Kaiju Size Chart (updated)

Kaiju Size Chart (updated), by Jaroslav Kosmina