The Luckiest People On The Planet

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Unpredictable Luck

Luck is unpredictable but some people are so lucky that it defies all logic. These 13 people have been exposed to near miracles, we kick it off with Mary Grams who lost her wedding ring. She lost her ring after wearing it for over 50 years. In 2004 it went missing while she was weeding on the family farm, and even made a fake copy of it so that nobody would find out that she’d lost it. Mary had kept the secret for over 10 years, but in 2017 Mary’s sister-in-law was washing some freshly-dug carrots for dinner when she found the ring. A carrot had grown straight through it!
Next, from the sky, David Zehntner and his wife noticed someone in their yard.

Right Place, Right Time

YouTube / #Mind Warehouse

On the evening of March the 13th, a woman named Carla left her $400,000 wedding ring on the kitchen counter amongst some paper towels, which Bernie, her husband, threw out the next morning. Moreover, he even gave the bag with waste to the people taking out the garbage. They quickly realized what had happened and called the waste management company and stopped them. A mere 25 minutes into sifting through the 10 tons garbage, they found the ring.
The chances of finding the ring were almost zero.


YouTube / #Mind Warehouse

Sonny and Howard Alrich were on their yacht in Southeastern Alaska when they survived the biggest Tsunami measured in modern times. It was created by millions of cubic meters of earth that collapsed into the bay, brought on by seismic activity.
They lifted the anchor and started the engine as they took on the 530m high wave. They were swept above the trees and then washed back into the bay — surprisingly, there was no damage to their vessel.

Saved Just In Time

YouTube / #Mind Warehouse

Skylar Penpasuglia and Allison Garrett from Princeton were terrified when their jet skis turned over in the water of Port Canaveral. A huge ship that couldn’t change course in time was heading right for them.
Coincidently, a Sheriff Deputy was nearby and rushed over to pull them out of the water in a matter of seconds.