Boy Trashes Prom Dress, Then Grandma Gets Involved

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Crushed Dreams

She knew she could never afford a store like this. Sometimes she felt ashamed even going in there, knowing her family didn’t have that kind of money. But the fantasy of walking up to the register and paying for such a beautiful prom dress just gave her butterflies in her stomach.

In the end, she settled for something more affordable from the mall and started saving. But when her date found out about the cheap dress she was planning to wear, he refused to take her in it.

Like A Movie

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When Parker Smith asked Adrianna Rust to Pendleton High School’s senior prom, she felt like a character in a movie.

After she said “yes”, her mind was racing with all the things she had to do to get ready and, of course, one burning question had her giddy with excitement – what was she going to wear? But she had no idea the level of drama a simple prom dress would create.

So Excited

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Adrianna knew this would be the most important night of her young life, and she was going to revel in every minute of the build-up.

She and her friends went to an expensive dress store to try on some gowns. They didn’t even care about the snooty looks from the sales assistants who knew she couldn’t afford it. Adrianna was just happy to have been invited to prom; she didn’t think it was that important to have a designer dress. But, as she would soon learn, it was very important to someone.

Overstepping Boundaries

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Adrianna knew Parker had high standards. In fact, she was blown away that he had asked her to prom in the first place.

But with the big day just weeks away, she knew she had to make a decision on the dress and chose a perfectly nice one that she would be able to save up for. But when she told Parker about it, he demanded to see the dress first.

Breaking Tradition

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Usually, it’s tradition for boys to stand at the bottom of the stairs and wait for their date come down to catch their first glimpse of the dress.

But considering himself a fashion guru, Parker insisted on knowing exactly how the girl he would be taking to prom was going to look. And he wasn’t happy she’d chosen such a cheap dress.

Not Going

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Adrianna had been so excited for the senior prom, but now she didn’t even want to leave her room. She texted Parker, saying he might as well go with someone else because her family just didn’t have the money for a nicer dress.

Word got out that Adrianna wasn’t going to prom anymore. Even Parker’s grandmother had heard what happened, so she called her grandson to give him a piece of her mind.

Listen To Your Elders

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Parker’s reaction to the dress had gone viral, and when his grandma had heard that Adrianna wasn’t going to the prom, she simply wasn’t standing for it.

She had raised her children to do the right thing and treat women with respect, so she wasn’t about to let Parker’s idea of what his date should wear stand in the way of a young girl’s happiness. And the way she came to the rescue was something that Adrianna would never forget.

Scrolling Photos

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On the day of the prom, Adrianna was sitting on her bed with her knees pulled up to her chest, feeling like there was nothing special about her. She fought back tears as she scrolled through photos she’d taken with her friends at the dress store. It turned out that her prom dreams were just that: dreams.

But no, she wasn’t going to let one person’s opinion of the way she looked stop her from attending such an important event. She would go to the mall, pick up the cheap dress and just go with her friends. But before she could leave, the front doorbell rang.

Go Away!

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It was Parker. Adrianna called down to her parents, insisting she didn’t want to see him and slammed her bedroom door.

Eventually, her dad came up and asked if he could come in. Allowing him to sit on her bed, her dad explained that she should hear Parker out. Adrianna agreed to come down, but before she knew it, she was in floods of tears again.

Prom Queen

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Parker has never wanted Adrianna to wear the cheaper dress, because he wanted her to have the one she fell in love with at the designer store. But unable to pay for it, Parker had made the beautiful dress himself for a fraction of the cost.

The theatre student – with a little help from grandma – spent night after night sewing together a gown that would make his date feel as special as he knew she was. And the way he did it was quite ingenious.

Just As Good

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Instead of the studded diamonds that the dress in the designer store had, Parker added decorative stones to make the dress sparkle.

“I absolutely loved the dress,” said Adrianna. “And it grew our friendship more than ever. I was so proud of him and so blessed to be able to call him my best friend. He’s so talented!” But Adrianna wasn’t the only one with a magical feeling inside.

Happily Ever After

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Parker was pleased for the opportunity to work on Adrianna’s dress and realized what he was capable of, opening the door for a future as a fashion designer. “Not only did I get the honor of being the Prince Charming,” Parker said. “But her fairy godmother as well!”

Anyone else feel like giving Parker a call before their next big event?