Struggling with Insomnia?

Struggling with Insomnia?

September 28, 2019 By Laura

    Relaxation is Key to Sleep Patterns

    Sleeping is very Difficult

    Many people struggle with insomnia. “Being present” is a catch phrase that has become very popular when trying to help our bodies relax. Relaxation in the body has become a very important hot topic in our fast-paced lives.

    Relaxation Battles Insomnia

    What are some ways Americans relax: incense, meditating, music, aroma therapy, turning off all technology an hour or two before bed, changing a diet to clean foods, or an alkaline diet. Also, taking a hot bath before bed or listening to soft music is a way to relax.

    The Root Problem of Insomnia

    Some go to sleep but don’t remain asleep unless white noise or television is in the background. Magnesium also helps with sleep. More than 60 million Americans deal with insomnia. Why is this such a problem? Is it purely a psychological problem, physical problem, or emotional problem with anger, worry, bipolar reactions, or grief? Is it trauma? Problems rear their heads usually around bedtime.

    Som Sleep Dietary Supplement

    Som Sleep, a dietary supplement, could be your answer to your insomnia problems. Som Sleep carries ingredients that are natural : B6, melatonin and magnesium promote healthy sleep patterns. Som Sleep takes natural ingredients to help with sustained sleep. Other ways of obtaining sustained sleep is taking melatonin.

    Melatonin: Strong Sleep Agent

    Taking a melatonin capsule Discovered in 1958 melatonin is triggered by the light. When the light fades, melatonin is triggered, and when the light comes back melatonin fades away in the body. Melatonin is a hormone:
    over 284 subjects were studied, and it was found that subjects fell asleep 3.9 minutes faster compared to those not taking melatonin. Your best way to fall asleep is taking melatonin or following relaxation methods.