So much sand, so many uses

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Who knew sand could be so interesting? Typically, we tend to only care or think about sand when it’s beneath our feet as we’re relaxing on the beach soaking in the Sun’s rays. But, sand’s role in our lives expands far beyond our favorite beaches. Sand has served a much more practical purpose ever since our ancient ancestors began using it to roast food around 8,000 B.C. Today, sand is used in the highly controversial fracking process, it’s also used in paints, glass manufacturing and so much more.

sand macro shot

Sand (up close and personal macro shot)

While each grain of sand is tiny, ranging from only 0.0625 mm to 2 mm, it’s still extremely durable and hard. This durability makes it ideal for certain construction and manufacturing processes.

Sand can sing (certain sand dunes and beaches emit a unique sound), clean up oil spills, reinforce bunkers, and of course can also be sculpted into amazing castles!

Check out the infographic below to discover the many uses and history of this amazing material.

So much sand, so many uses...