Shopping with Purpose for Self Image


We are in an age where taking pictures of yourself is no longer with a disposable camera, and taking a snapshot of a memory can be electronically saved, shared, and sent off to hundreds of people in an instant.

Selfie Followers

In fact, the name photo and snapshot has changed to pictures or selfies. Selfies are posted almost everyday in some situation or circumstance. Selfies are posted through social media for the public to view, track, and”follow.” In an instant, millions can follow you from an attractive or appealing image.

Our Reality Show

The lifestyle of people has become morphed into advertising themselves into a new reality show. Reality shows are very popular. But, in a way, we have our own reality show with the number of followers on Instagram-posting images of our life.

Making a Picture Fashionable

People are going to great lengths to post the best picture of themselves, which means buying designer clothes and trying them on for the best picture and returning them after posting. According to a survey by the credit card company Barclaycard, nearly one in 10 UK shoppers (9%) admit to buying clothing only to take a photo on social media.

Lives on Social Media

Environmentalists have also raised the issue of the landfill waste created by returns. Also, there are celebrities and royals who never where the same outfit twice. The waste of the outfits is an issue. Creating a beautiful facade on the surface is living through social media-perfect life postings. Some build a career from advertising their lives on social media.

Practical Style Versus Selfie Style

Capsule wardrobes have become very popular on the other end of the spectrum, which features clothes that are versatile and can be mixed and matched with similar color schemes and classic clothing items. So, taking a picture of a person with a brand label or fashion piece may only be for a quick stylish selfie.