Woman Gives Birth Twice Within One Year


Eliza and Ben Curby

Eliza and Ben Curby met each other and fell in love – it was something out of a fairy tale. They met by chance at a cafe and never looked back.

Life felt perfect until they found out Eliza was pregnant, then their life felt truly complete.

 The Nine Months

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As each month progressed closer and closer to the deadline, they felt closer than ever before. They fell even more deeply in love with each other.

They couldn’t wait for their little bundle of joy to come out into the world. Their first word, their first outing, they were so overjoyed.


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She was so in love with her baby. The moment she laid eyes on her baby she knew they would be her first priority in life.

But there was something that she didn’t consider. It would throw her life off balance and have her looking for even more help from her husband.


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Immediately after having little baby Charlie, she felt sick. Something was wrong and she couldn’t put her finger on it. She’d have to go straight back for an ultrasound.

It turns out it looked like there were 2 heartbeats inside of her. This meant that she was having twins!