Product Design Tricks Companies Snuck Right By Us


Marketing Tricks

Have you ever fallen for some marketing trickery? It may have been a “party” sized bag or a redesigned product. Many companies have used these tricks in the past and will still use them in the future.

From disappointing bags of chips to rebranding that looks brand new. Here are the most useful, and shrewd tactics by tactics used by companies.


Public Domain

These chips claim to be bigger and contain more chips. That may be true but the proportions are not what they seem. This is one of the oldest marketing tricks to get consumers to think they’re getting more.

The bag looks way bigger but proportionately there are actually fewer chips being added. Everyone knows how much empty space is found in chip packets.

Bigger Cans

Public Domain

Here’s the same gimmick as the previous item on our list. The can say that it’s bigger but we know by now that this isn’t the case.

We wonder how much empty space is in that can. The only way to find out is to buy it, that’s what they want you to do after all.