Processed Food and Plastic Storage Containers Cause Cancer

Processed Food and Plastic Storage Containers Cause Cancer

October 18, 2019 By Laura

    Products Versus Health

    Clean Foods

    In our day and age, eating healthy is a main priority. Organic and clean foods are what people want. However, the expense of organic food and the accessibility of it for the ordinary person is difficult to maintain. However, cancer is on the rise because stores continue to sell plastic food that is processed and less expensive.

    Specific Foods Cause Cancer

    Grilled Meat

    The environment alone can cause cancer. There are some foods that can cause cancer that are consumed daily and thought to be safe. Packaged, microwavable dinners, food in plastic containers, grilled foods, and red meat are harmful for digestion, and can be cancer causing.

    Red Meat’s Dangerous Red Color (312)850-1947

    Red meat has a heme protein that gives it its redness. This protein can settle in the intestines and cause cancer. Unfortunately, the American diet consists of a lot of red meat and an absence of vegetables. However, whole foods like vegetables and fruit in the produce section are healthier choices.

    Nitrates in Your Food

    Processed Hot Dogs

    Sausage, bacon, and hot dogs have cancerous elements in them because they are treated with nitrates to keep the meat flavorful and colorful. If you eat on a regular basis, they can cause bowel cancers. These foods are often processed meats, which are quite flavorful but not considered whole foods. Carcinogenic compounds are present in processed meats.

    Food Safety Protects Our Bodies

    Plastic Containers

    Food safety is very important when one stores leftovers in the refrigerator. If you need to store food, a better option is to use glass containers with lids instead of plastic containers. Plastic containers have phthalates in the material, which makes the plastic more durable and flexible. Over time, the plastic wears down and leaches into your food especially after placing them in the dishwasher.