Breeder Abandons Pomeranian Who's 'Too Big To Sell' Only To Realize His Mistake Now

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A pet breeder abandoned a puppy that he thought he couldn’t sell because it was too big. The puppy ended up in a shelter, unfortunately for the man and fortunately for the puppy.
Because his life would be better off without the horrid man.


The staff at the shelter fell in love with Bert. He was posted online by some people passing through looking at dogs. And just like that, someone very special noticed the advertisement.
This special someone would give Bert a better life than many people even have. How so exactly?


An artist noticed the advertisement of Petfinder and fell in love with the chubby pooch. Kathy Grayson, an artist, was so happy to welcome this adorable little creature into her life.
Where exactly would this pup be welcomed?


Kathy would welcome the puppy into her art gallery. Everyone loved the sweet adorable little pooch, who had become the gallery mascot overnight.
Would this puppy enjoy the office space?


Of course, Bert would love the office space, and he became a sensation overnight. He would go to restaurants and clubs, wearing accessories like a fashion star.
He was always dressed to kill and people loved him. What about his social media following?


Bertie became an Instagram sensation overnight — having more followers than most people. He has a following of an astonishing 135,000 people.
Looking at him now, it’s difficult to understand how someone could have ever ditched the cute pup. Want to know what’s even more ridiculous?


People from all over the country come to meet the pomeranian pooch. He’s been featured so much that people can’t resist making his acquaintance.
Although the puppy is very busy enjoying the good life, he makes time for his loving followers. Where else has this dog been?


Bert has been dozens of art fairs and openings in New York, Manhattan, Los Angeles, and even the Hamptons. He’s even visited Canada, Seattle, and D.C.
His motto is: “Happy to be included.”