These Photos Exist For The Sole Purpose Of Making You Feel Better About Life

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This story is bound to make you smile. It leaves you with no choice. The world isn’t the harsh, cold place some people make it out to be.
In fact, finding happiness is right at your fingertips.


Life is good, seeing these pictures will make you smile whether you like it or not. Yes, that’s exactly right, you aren’t being given the choice.
Smiling is simply contagious. Have you ever been to a puppy dinner?


You will feel better about life, especially when you take a moment to have a candlelight dinner with your puppy on his birthday.
Look at that big smile, the puppy can barely believe it, never mind wait to dig in.
Senior joy?


If your age isn’t going to get you down, nothing will. You may have next to no teeth left, but your smile will still light up the world.
Doesn’t this picture just make you so happy?


As the crowd goes wild, munchkin has never been so happy in his entire life.
After all he has done, he finally gets all the praise that a dog could ever need.


Are these boys are on their way to fight a fire in their beat-up fire truck? No, they’re probably in so much trouble for letting their truck burn to ashes that they can’t help but smile.
Happiness can also be temporary, but leaves a lifetime worth of memories.


Even when you know the joy of it is going to melt away, you can’t help but think how cute these little snow doves are.
Even the policemen wanted to take a moment to make one. He definitely felt like a kid again, barely holding his smile together!


This lovely bloke can’t contain his happiness, he clearly has so much of it that he has no choice but to share it with all of those around him.
He certainly has all the girls smiling, too.